What You Can Learn From Touching [email protected] People


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By: Krystle Crossman

Kate Bartolotta is a massage therapy student and contributor at elephantjournal.com She says that even though our culture appears to be obsessed with s*xuality, being naked is something that is not looked upon fondly. She recalls that people during massages sometimes are silent and sometimes are chatty. But none of that chatter tells her more about a person than the feel of their skin and their pulse, or watching how they move as they breathe. Here are eight things she has learned by touching 50 [email protected] people in a year.

1. Bodies do not lie. If you say that you are relaxed, your body may tell a different story. If you tell the therapist that a certain pressure is good but your body says no, they can tell that as well. Match your words with how your body is really feeling.

2. Stretching your body opens space emotionally and physically. You will feel better once you stretch your body out. Emotionally you will open yourself up and feel more vulnerable, but go with it.

3. Don’t hide the thing that makes you unique. You may be embarrassed about a certain part of your body like a mole or birthmark, but that is your signature. Embrace it.

4. Everyone has hair. It is different for everyone, but everyone has body hair in various different places. Don’t compare yourself to a model. They spend many hours removing the hair or getting airbrushed.

5. Everything that you have experienced in your life is stored in your cells somewhere. Don’t let your failures or weaknesses hold you back. Hold your head high and realize that no one is perfect. Tell your muscles to just let go.

6. No one cares about your weight. It is the least interesting part about you in a massage.

7. Your skin in contrast is the most interesting part about you. Every freckle or scar tells a different story and is a mark that is unique to you. Take care of your skin.

8. Realize that you are amazing just as you are.


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