What You Didn’t Know About A-n-al $ex


shhhBy: Krystle Crossman

People are willing to do some crazy things in the bedroom, but often [email protected] s*x is not one of those things. Many view it as something that is taboo, but it may be more common than you think. Some people say that they would never try it while others are open to the idea as long as they take it slowly. So what do you do if you want to give it a try but are not sure how to go about it?

1. Make sure that you speak with your partner about it. They need to know that you want to give [email protected] a try instead of just sneaking up on them with it. Keep the conversation open for discussion and if your partner says no, then leave it be. Respect their decision.

2. Make sure that you have lubricant on deck. Your @nus does not lubricate itself like the [email protected] does when you are aroused so you will need it to avoid any tearing of tissues and to make things go a little smoother. Water-based lubricants do not last quite as long as the silicone-based ones but both can be used.

3. Try it out slowly. Have your partner use one or two (condom-covered) fingers to see if this is even something that would be comfortable for you. It’s better to know if you can handle it before jumping right in.

4. Pace yourself and go slow. Despite what you may see in p0rn movies, a fast paced tempo could actually cause a lot of pain, especially during insertion and withdrawal. Make sure that you take your time and speak up if something is hurting.

5. Make sure he wears a cond0m. No, you cannot get pregnant from [email protected], but think about what may be lurking in there. Even if you are clean and STD free there is still bacteria and fecal matter.

6. If you try [email protected], stick with that. Do not move from [email protected] to [email protected] s*x as this could cause an infection due to the bacteria and fecal matter that could be transferred.

7. Be realistic with your expectations. You will most likely not [email protected] from [email protected] alone and it may be messy and awkward. Just take it slowly and if you don’t like it, hey, you tried something new!



  1. The author forgot to mention that you should use an enema before you have anal sex, so you don’t have an accident. It doesn’t have to be messy.

  2. Believethepromise on

    Not hapennen! Not yesterday, not today and not tomorrow! If this good good don’t do it for you then keep it moving and in a fast pace!

  3. If you play with the [email protected]@ while this is happening.. The pleasure is soooo wonderful. I was one of those girls that would have never ever done it. It made me think my man might be a lil gay. But turns out not to be the case.. He just knew how to please me. I wasn’t open to alot of things.. But when I tried it.. I was amazed.. sometimes.. I don’t even want him to hit the pu$$y.. I be like, come on do it from the back.. lol real talk.. It is.. magnificent. Give it a try.. The gays got it right.. hahaha

    • I was also the same way. Stay away from my a$$! But let me say I have never had a better climax, than getting it in there. HMM, I SEE THE COMMENTS, DON’T KNOCK IT TILL YOU TRY IT! And Charles, not only white girls do this. I love it, and we do it all the time. Yes, I’ve experienced some great climaxes while having @nal! Even had both the Pu$$y and a$$ cum at the same time.

  4. Why the hell was this article even written or even allowed to go to print!!!
    Do you not realize kids do know how to read!!
    This article is prompting the act of anal!!!
    What the hell is wrong with yall? ..

  5. Tt, you are worried about kids reading this, but maybe the concern should be what kids are talking about at school!!! That is like saying there should be no internet, no sex education, etc. Wake up!!! Its 2013!! Kids know more about sex than some adults these days! Smh.



  7. Captain James T. Kirk on

    I LOVE IT. My boyfriend did me so I decided to go home and do it to my wife and HOT DAMN she loved it so much that we do it non-stop. She was at work one night and her sister is a slut monkey. So we were having sexual relations and I put my fanger in her buttocks. I then proceeded to put my pecker in there and she didn’t stop me. The only thing I hate is that she sneezed and shot my pecker out like a bullet out of gun. thank god no dookie came out.

  8. Captain James T. Kirk on

    One time I had anal sex with my girl and went to the store and forgot to wash. The next thing I heard over the loud speaker “If someone stepped in manure, can they please walk outside and clean their shoes, they leaving a foul smell in the store”. Sincerely Management

  9. Why block out “dirty” words with the f.ilth contained in these responses??????? …And the entire subject matter!!!! This is “keep it to yourself” information…just like most of the f.ilthy subject matter gracing the Media and Movies today.

  10. unknown by many on


  11. Wow…. So half the ppl on here will eat chitterlings but won’t take it in the brown….
    Smh lol.

    I don’t care how long u cook or clean chitterlings, it still had pig crap flowing through it.
    So dwell on that before shunning anal

  12. Yall that are pro [email protected] are missing the point…

    Physiologically, An @sshole is made for shxtting!! Hello?! Why do you think AIDS was & is so easily transmitted via the @nus? The [email protected] was handcrafted specifically for taking the ‘D’ & delivering babies, not yo @ss!!

    Yall shxtty booty lil boys crack me up! Sorry but I’ll take pxssy juice on my sheets over @ss juice any day! & Enemas can clear out your normal flora & leave you more susceptible to disease.


  13. I thought it was so nasty, but I met a woman who loved it and it liked it too. But it was because she was a pro at it. Haven’t done it with anyone else though.

  14. Lol!
    To each his own. The man I intend to marry, we discussed it. Let’s just say I am a bit more experimental & experienced in certain areas than he is. Right now, it’s normal s*x. Upon marriage, whatever he wishes, it is my duty, obligation, and sincere pleasure to fulfill his EVERY desire in the bedroom or anywhere else that tickles his fancy. For those who think it’s nasty, fine, leave it alone. For those of you holier than thou, the Bible tells you that, “The marriage bed cannot be defiled.” It is a choice between husband & wife as to what does or does not occur. For those who aren’t married, your choice not mine. Only my husband could get that if he so wishes. And for those who think only “white girls” are able, lol! Sorry for you. I’m black, Jamaican, and handle my business. I am indeed a rare breed I suppose, as many of my sisters just won’t do it, go there, or even discuss it without major conflict or attitude. My husband will have no energy or want to go elsewhere. I take it as my personal job to see that he is satisfied and tired as all heck, lol!

  15. It’s truly not for everybody but I always say if u with who u want to be with than u need to have a open mind about the situation but this 1is not just a homosexual act as a straight man I love to be able to satisfy my mate with any sexual act that she wants .
    Open minded
    Secured in your sexuallity

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