What Young People Don’t Think of When They Use Recreational Drugs


weed lipsBy: Krystle Crossman

Many people experimented with recreational drugs when they were younger. But there are some things that you weren’t told about doing these drugs at the time that will haunt you in the future.

1. Your kids are going to want to know all about what kinds of drugs you used to do. You are going to have to choose to lie to them about your past, or face it head on and be honest. If you are honest, they could believe that since you did it, it is okay for them to do drugs too.

2. At some point you are going to have to face the reality that you are using drugs to run away from something. Partying and having a good time while altering your mind was an escape, so you will need to face what you were escaping.

3. Some jobs such as the FBI, CIA, as a firefighter, or a police officer are next to impossible to get with past drug use.

4. You will have to pay more for life insurance because you don’t fit the “normal parameters” anymore. You could lie and say you have never done drugs, but the internet is a powerful tool and you could end up being denied coverage all together if you are caught.

5. There will always be a part of you that remembers how much fun you had and wishes that you could go back and do it again. This can become dangerous when you hit a period where you may be emotionally unstable.

6. You have to find new ways to get back into the mind-clearing state the drugs gave you.

7. If you do drugs, you speed up the aging process, and it will show as you get older. Wrinkles aren’t sexy.

8. That minor drug conviction you had as a minor could prevent you from traveling to other countries.

9. Now for the most obvious one…drugs can really ruin your mental health. Immediate mind-altering effects can end up taking years to get rid of sometimes. Just remember, drugs are bad…m’kay?



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