What Your Doctors Are Hiding From You When They Give You Pills


pillsThe following plays out every day in many doctor’s offices:  A patient is not feeling well and they go the doctor hoping the doctor will give them “something” so they can feel better. The doctor asks them a few questions and checks a few things and then hands them a bottle of antibiotics.

The question is, why do the doctors give the antibiotics with out also giving the patient some information about how they could do what the pills are supposed to do in a more natural way that is also more gently on the body? There are many opinions as to what the answer to that question is but below are some useful tips to strengthen your immune system:

1. Eat alkalizing foods.

Eat more fresh, raw organic vegetables.

2. Stop eating acid-producing foods.

Cut out sugar! Stop eating wheat. Stop eating grains. Stop drinking coffee and alcohol. All of these are highly acidic.

3. Eat superfoods.

These are potent foods rich in nutrients. Have a superfood smoothie everyday. (I like The Rainbow Superfood Smoothie Mix from Bright Earth Foods.)

4. Get your daily dose of coconut oil.

It’s one of the cleanest sources of fuel for your body. It is an essential fat, which means essential for life. Coconut oil anti-bacterial and anti-viral. Great in smoothies and to protect your skin.

5. Expose your skin to sunlight.

Vitamin D from the sun is crucial for immune system function. There is no substitute for natural sunlight! All you need is 15 to 20 minutes every few days as Vitamin D is stored in the body.

6. Sleep more.

Most people are sleep deprived. Sleep restores hormone and cortisol levels (and so much more!) so your body can cope with stress and heal itself. Cellular repair happens during sleep. Optimal is 8 to 10 hours.

7. Stay hydrated.

Drink 1 ounce of water for every 2 pounds of body weight each day.

8. Salt your food to taste!

You cannot stay hydrated without salt! Use only whole Himalayan Sea Salt. NEVER eat white table salt!

9. Reduce stress.

Meditate daily for 5 to 30 minutes. Breathe deep and relax your mind. Tune into your body. Feel and listen. Let your thoughts flow, without engaging with them. Notice how each thought makes your body feel inside. Then, return your attention to your breath.



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