What Your Period Could Be Trying to Tell You


By: Krystle Crossman

Your period could be trying to tell you something every month. There are five common monthly issues that could indicate that there is a more serious problem at hand.

1. Some women experience very sporadic periods. They never know when it is going to show up because it is never the same time every month. The normal cycle is every 21-45 days. If you are missing out on your period for a month and then all of a sudden you get it, and then it disappears for a while it may be time to go see a doctor as this could indicate a hormonal issue with your body.

2. Cramps and bloating can be painful but they shouldn’t be so bad that they disrupt your entire life. If you are doubled over in pain because of cramping you could have something more serious going on. Often times severe nausea can come along with this heavy cramping as well which pretty much leaves you in bed for the week that you have your period.

3. You should not be going through one pad or tampon per hour and if you are you should see a doctor immediately. Also if you are noticing that you are passing blood clots you should get checked out. More than three hours of heavy bleeding like this can make you feel lightheaded. If you notice that you are getting dizzy you could be losing too much blood all at once which can lead to other health concerns. There should only be a few days of heavy flow in the beginning of your period but it should not be so heavy that you go through an entire box of feminine products in one day.

4. If you are younger and you are seeing that all of your friends started puberty years before you it is time to get checked out by a doctor. Sometimes periods don’t start until the late teens but if this is accompanied by a lack of other signs of puberty as well it could indicate another issue.

5. If you find that you barely bleed at all or do not have a period there could be a few different issues. If you are underweight or an extreme athlete your periods may stop altogether. This can be bad for your body as that is a way to clean out your reproductive system. If you find that you have acne, gain weight rapidly, and have facial hair growing you may have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).


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