What Your (Potential) Man’s Body Language Is Telling You


black_man_smilingBy Staff Blogger

Everyone uses body language to communicate. It makes up roughly 70-90% of our communication, in fact. Here are some signs to watch for when you are on a date with your guy.

1. Crossed arms and leaning back in his seat could mean he is not as into you as you may think. His actions should match his words, so watch for things like him saying yes about something but shaking his head no.

2. A real smile will show teeth. A fake smile ends at the lips. If he is really smiling you will see teeth, dimples, and even crow’s feet in the eyes.

3. Watch his nostrils. If they are flared it means that his heart rate is up which either means he is angry or aroused, or both!

4. Look at his feet. They should be pointed in the direction he wants to go, so hopefully they are pointed at you.

5. Hands out in the open on the table mean that he is relaxed and calm. Hands under the table could mean that he is nervous about something.

6. If you notice him stroking his chin or his beard, this could mean that he is thinking about something or trying to make a decision.

7. If he touches you, such as on your arm or your hands, that is a great sign. If he is not affectionate it could be because he is not that into you or that he has social issues.

8. Notice the position of his legs. If they are splayed open it means that he is trying to claim his territory. If they are crossed towards you it means he wants to get closer. Crossed away could mean he needs space.

9. Eye contact is important, so make sure that you make it and so does he.

10. If your date is sitting still, that is a good sign. If he is doing things such as rubbing his neck, wringing his hands, bouncing his legs, it could mean that he is uncomfortable.

11. Keep your body movements and gestures in sync with his. This will show him that you are paying attention and want to be there with him!


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