What Your Red Shoes Are Screaming at Other Women…and Men


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By: Krystle Crossman

When you pick out what clothes you are going to wear for the day do you think about what the shirt says about you? Do you think about the color you are putting on and what it could mean to other people? Most of us don’t. We just pick what we feel like wearing and that is that. The interesting thing is that your choice of color may actually influence what others think about you when they see you, especially if you have chosen to wear the color red.

Studies have shown that women who wear red tend to be in a frisky mood whether they want to admit it or not. Red is a color that grabs attention. When a woman sees another woman wearing red they may think that the color is a sign that the woman is out and looking for a good time. This can put other women on edge. When a man sees the color red his instinct kicks into gear and it tells him that they woman is looking for some fun.

Dr. Sally Augustin says that red is a color that incites excitement. It is the color our cheeks turn when we are aroused. It is a bright color that screams for attention. A couple of studies found that when a woman is most fertile her skin turns red as well. Subconsciously a man would respond to this with biological instincts. Augustin also says that back in the cave days the color of red meant that someone was injured which would give the others a job. She said also stated that fire is in the red family and fire back them meant safety and comfort.


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  1. Why does the connotation of when a woman wears red have to be negative (women vs women) or have sexual overtones (sending incorrect signals to men)? I wear the color red, alot; I like the color red; I think the red clothing that I wear are becoming to me. From what I have been taught and learned, and from my perspective, red has been and will continue to be a power color, professionally. The color does make people take notice; but it can also put people on notice. Red is a color that women wear to command respect, take control and exude power. Let’s have positive adjectives and descriptions rather than negative and sexual innuendos. It’s so much better for us, as women, and by us, as women!

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