What Your Urine Could Be Telling You About Your Health


By: Isabella Carson

There is something that we all do multiple times per day that could tell us a lot about our health if we stopped for a moment and took at a look, but many of us simply flush and wash It away. That’s right, I am talking about your urine. You can learn a lot just from the color of your pee but have you ever stopped to look at what color liquid is coming out of your bladder? Here are some colors that you may see and what they could mean for your health:

1. No color – If you do not have any coloring to your urine at all you may be drinking a little too much water. Cut back just a bit.

2. Pale yellow – This color means that you are well-hydrated and are healthy!

3. Dark yellow – You need to drink some more water but other than that you are healthy.

4. Honey or Amber – You aren’t drinking any water and should do so immediately. Dehydration can become dangerous.

5. Brown or Orange – If your urine is this color it could indicate that you have something going on with your liver. You could also be severely dehydrated. If drinking water doesn’t help your urine go back to a pale yellow color you may want to consult with your doctor.

6. Pink or Pale Red – You could have blood in your urine. Most of the time this is normal but you could have something such as a urinary tract infection, tumors, or kidney disease. This coloring can also be caused by eating rhubarb, beets, and blueberries. If you have not eaten any of those things and suspect that it is blood in your urine, contact a doctor.

7. Blue or Green – There is a birth defect that can cause one of these two colors but it is very rare. More often than not it is due to a medication, a supplement such as iron, or a coloring in the food that you are eating.

8. Foaming or Fizzing Urine – If you notice a foam in the toilet every now and then it is nothing to worry about. If it happens often you may need to get some more protein in your diet.


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