What Your Waist Can Tell You Even Better Than Your BMI


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By: Krystle Crossman

Your BMI is a good determination as to how healthy you are in most cases, but it has its limitations, such as if you were a body builder. Now there is another measurement that researchers say that you should be looking at to tell how healthy you really are. Check out your waistline. Grab a measuring tape and measure and see what your waist circumference is. Depending on the number there may be associated risks involved.

A study of data from 11 different studies that involved 650,000 participants showed that women who had a higher waist circumference were more likely to die early than those who had a small waist. They found that women who had a waist size of more than 37.5 inches around were 80% more likely to die within the next nine years (which was the remainder of the time for the study). This was compared to women whose waist size was 27.5 inches or less. They also found that there was a nine percent increase in the risk of early mortality if a woman’s waist circumference increased by two inches.

Women with a larger waist circumference tend to have higher BMIs. For women, BMI is a pretty good indicator of health risks and is a tool that experts can use to see how you will need to change your lifestyle in order to avoid any of these risks. In men, BMI was not a very good predictor of death risks. One of the biggest things that the size of your waist can tell you in correlation with your BMI is where the fat is distributed on the body. Abdominal fat carries the highest risk of health problems and early death.


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