What’s the Secret? How Angela Bassett Looks Ageless at 55


2013 National Board Of Review Awards Gala - Outside ArrivalsBy: Krystle Crossman

Actress Angela Bassett has just turned 55 but if you were too look at her, you would never know it! She is healthy and is toned. She has a great attitude about life and still has a fantastic career as she currently has a role in the hit show American Horror Story: Coven. During an interview she revealed how she has managed to keep time from slowing her down.

Bassett has 7 year old twins. That right there is enough to keep any mother busy and moving all of the time! When asked how she likes to get rid of stress, she stated that she just liked to enjoy life and embrace everything that she has. She says that there is no way to avoid the stress of having to work and maintaining a healthy and happy family but at the end of the day you need to be able to know how to put all of that stress away.

To keep her figure lean and trim Bassett tries to stay away from sweets and eat healthy foods. She says that if she does have something that isn’t necessarily the best thing for her diet she will have something that is really good for her to so that she can counteract it. She also likes to eat raw foods because you can have huge portions since there is nothing processed in them and they are nothing but healthy.

When it comes to her ageless skin, Bassett says that she has facials and uses serums. She said that an oxygen facial was excellent and really helped her skin without the use of any harsh chemicals.

For exercise she tries to get in as much as she can and when she does, she likes to work out with friends. She says that she is less likely to bail on the workout when other people are waiting for her and counting on her to be there.



  1. That headline could have read differently and been more realistic — Angela Basset Still Looking Great at 55. Good genes, high cheekbones, expensive facials, will do wonders for appearances. Her healthy lifestyle choices and positive outlook certainly complement her natural beauty. She has one of those faces that will still look good at 70, aging gracefully.

  2. No doubt Angela is a beautiful woman. But I gotta ask, is this a big deal? I’m not throwing shade here, I’m pointing out black women, IF we take care of our skin and bodies while we’re young, are supposed to look good well into our senior years. Im only 25 now but I dont plan on looking like an old hag when Im in my fifties and beyond…no melanin enriched women, should be looking haggard and worn out at 55 or any age for that matter. No smoking, alcohol occasionally, no drugs, no hanging out all night, eating well and watching our weight, minimal consumption of animal flesh, and LOTS OF WATER is the key to looking good into the 50s, 60’s even 70’s and 80’s. Im never surprised when I see older black women who look great. This is the norm for black women.

      • Lets see…either youre a young chick no man is checking for or an old hag no man is checking for, an ugly young dude who cant get laid or or and old azz dude who cant laid because your sheit dont get hard any more. Which one is it holla at a sista…Im curious!

        • Good Lord, firey! Miss Angela is an exemplary Black female, but then she’s 55. Women like her never exchanged body fluids with faster aging types.LOL. The modern era less aware women who are 25 may look younger now, but by the time they are 55 they will look 65.

    • Sometimes racism and sexism — and the stress it causes our sisters, makes them look “haggard and worn out.”

      So, please don’t be so harsh…..you don’t always know what that “haggard, worn out-looking” sister has gone through.

      • Come on Cindie, plenty of of black women deal with racism and sexism every day and they dont look old and haggard. You think Ms Nassett doesnt hasnt dealt with or still deals with racism and sexism, especially in her professsion? What about all the black women who dealt with it and deal with it? As black women we all deal with racism and sexism, not an excuse to let ourselves go. We shouldnt let life beat us down.

    • I agree. As they say, good black don’t crack. And if you take care of it, whoa look out! We don’t wrinkle until 70s or so and not much then. If you look at a 50 year old white woman, Asian or any other compared to a black woman the difference is astounding. Especially white ladies who get turkey necks and massive amounts of wrinkles by 40. All that anti-aging stuff is aimed at THEM. Not us. Well into my 30s I looked like a teenager. I’m 50 now and I look 35.

      • @ imagirl – well go on with ya bad self! Thats what Im talking about! My hat is off to you for taking care of yourelf and I wanna be like you when Im 50!

    • ABSOLUTELY ! That’s the advice I got from my parents,who looked great til they passed. They used to point out former classmates & acquaintances who’d partied hard & run wild in their youth & they all looked broken down & aged.Many had health problems linked to excess drinking & poor eating habits. Even the ones who were younger than my parents looked decades older. I see that noiw happening to some folks I knew. I’m retired now but when there are reunions & get togethers for all us 50 plus folks, the wild bunch …mostly men,btw….from back in the day doesn’t get up & dance because they’ve got too much wear & tear & health problems & never…and still don’t..take proper care of their bodies.

  3. A positive approach to maintaining gorgeous ebony beauty. My sisters follow her lead and carry-on.

    You are so beautiful!

  4. She’s a beautiful woman, both inside and out, and doesn’t compromise herself in any way just to make $ — like many of our beautiful black sisters do.

    She is my “shero!”

  5. I want to look like her in my 50’s. She looks exactly the same as she did in “What’s love got to do with it”. Flawless.

    • HELLO! I can attest to that. At 55 I still look at least 15 years younger, but a nasty bout of breast cancer took away some of the youthfulness. The drugs I am on has a nasty side effect of arthritis and foot pain. Try that on and see if you can still have that opinion.

    • Been there and done that several times and people still say that I look like in my late 20s early 30s and I am the same age as Miss Bassett.

      I eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day. I drink wheat grass and spirulina and I work out every day.

      Life is what you make it.

  6. hakimah ismail on

    why doesn’t anyone ever mention how important sex is to staying youthful? she is a married woman, so being loved and having good sex helps a woman to stay young looking and young feeling.

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