What’s Under That Weave? Give Your Scalp and Hair Some TLC


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

So you have decided that you want to get a weave. You want to protect your natural hair but you also want a little more versatility with your style. You now need to know how to take care of your hair and your scalp underneath the weave!

First you should take care of your hair before you even put the extensions in. Make sure that you stay away from a lot of chemicals on your scalp and try not to use too many heat styling tools. This will help your hair to stay silky and smooth so that when the weave is removed it will still be that way. If you have a flaky scalp you should use a shampoo with zinc in it to help get rid of the dandruff once a week for four weeks before getting the extensions. If your scalp is still dry even after this, see a doctor as you may have another condition that is making your scalp flake.

When you have the weave put on, you need to make sure that you donโ€™t neglect the scalp. Try to put oils on it every now and then to make sure it stays healthy. If your weave is made of a synthetic material, try to get as little oil as possible on it.

Next make sure that the weave is not too tight. If you have it pulled too tightly you run the risk of pulling the hair out at the follicles and then causing permanent hair loss once the weave is out. You should not be feeling pain or having constant headaches when you get a weave. If you do then it is too tight.

Shampoo your scalp at least once a week. Make sure that you use a gentle shampoo so that it doesnโ€™t ruin the extensions but still gives your scalp and natural hair the nourishment it needs.

After six weeks take the weave out. Even if it still looks good your hair needs to breathe and be moisturized again. Your scalp will need a good deep conditioning treatment. When you are taking the extensions out make sure that you are careful as you do not want to rip hair out with it. If you have used bonding glue make sure that you use the specified remover and that you remove all glue from your natural hair with it.

Finally you are going to want to give your hair a break for a few weeks. Let it breathe and become completely healthy again before putting extensions back in.



  1. When I was in college I worked part time in a hair braid salon. Some of the women showed up as a last resort because their hair was destroyed by weave. Their hairline was dayum non existent most of all their hair was filthy and scalp was covered in thick crusty dandruff and their hair smelled bad, because they didnt wash their weave because they didnt wan to wash their hair. Sometimes their hair was so weak and matted that the braider would suggest treatment to make their hair stronger because their hair was too weak fof braids. They left and I bet they went back to weave because they didnt want to wear their own hair. Sometimes a braider would suggest letting her cut off all the damaged hair and give the client a fresh new natural look and tshe would say no. I worked there for two years and most womens heads that came in the salon was wrecked by weave. Now this salon would take out tracks but didnt do weave. The problem is the salons that do weave dont tell wkmen that the combination of stress of weave plus the hair already weakened by perm is death to black womens hair. Weave is the worst thing to black womens hair. If black women want a headful of natural hair just take 10,000 mcg of biotin a day it will make the hair grow fast and healthy and thick too. Not washing hair because of a weave is just nasty and unhealty. The person who weaves wont tell black women how the cornrows as they grow get matted in the weave tracks. They just want to make that money just like Koreans make that money off the eurpoean hair they sell to black women who are ashamed of their own god given hair. Black women with strong African features look silly with all that long silky asian and indian hair sewn on their heads. Oh yeah sometime organic root temple balm might make hairlines grow but if the hair root area is destroyed forget it. It wont grow. Black women say god dont make no mistakes so if thats true why do so many cover their hair in ugly weaves and wigs? Riddle me this?

  2. And remember while yall spending all that money on weave those Korean getting paid off all the hair yall buying, 9 billion dollars a year plus the products yll buy from them. They live in nice communities and send their kids to private schools and colleges. Most of those beauty supply stores are in the hood. The same women making them wealthy cant afford to live in exclusive neighborhoods or send their kids to private school or even college so why make them rich off your hard earned money? And black women the biggest consumers of somebody elses hair but yall not making a profit because yall let them corner the market.

  3. Amen to everything you said, we need more people encouraging our women to love themselves as god intended us to be. Why are we so willing to spend every dime we make to impress people that will never love or accept us, we must learn to love and accept ourselves and each other, please wake up. Stop giving
    your money to the people that hate us the most, we look like fools. The people who walk in darkness.

  4. Thank you for the info on how to care for our black hair.
    We need more info like that. It’s a black women’s choice
    what she wants to do with her hair but we need to know whatever our choice, is our choice but we need to know how to care for our hair.

    And we need to pool our resources and start creating black hair product businesses and support black businesses.
    Black women need to stop boycotting black businesses.

    Where r our black nail shops? Black girls need to start
    doing nails…

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