When Having $ex With you Man, How Long is Too Long?



By: Krystle Crossman

You may often hear women say that they don’t want a “minute man” in the bedroom. But how long is long enough? How long is too long? In all honesty, for most women anything over 20 minutes and it begins to feel like work or can become boring. What you see in adult films if you watch them is not reality as they take scenes and clip them together so that it looks like things are lasting a lot longer than they really are. If you become distracted and it lasts for a long time it can become uncomfortable.

A survey that was taken by UK’s Daily Mail showed that people felt the appropriate length for a good s*xual encounter was 7-13 minutes. Anything over that and it became painful or tedious. You don’t need to have earth shattering s*x every single time. It is all about balance and time management. Get the appropriate balance between passion, foreplay, skill, and a few little mishaps to ease the tension a bit.

If you let the s*x last a little too long, it can have some physical consequences, especially for women. If they lose arousal, they can lose lubrication as well and that can really hurt. You can always correct this with a little lubrication such as KY Jelly, however, if you have to resort to that due to lack of arousal it may not be worth it to continue on in the first place. If the male has a problem reaching climax it could be due to a bit too much alcohol or something that is distracting him at the moment, however if it is a continuous problem it could be due to medication or a medical issue that they may not know about.

Remember, it is not about the length of the race, but how you finish!



  1. If he’s hitting the right spots you don’t want it to ever end & you’ll stay “lubricated”, well at least I do:) But with that being said, the bigger the orgasm, the harder it is to recover for another round & in that instance you can lose interest.

  2. When I reach my sexual peak, I don’t want to lay there forever. Most times I’m pretty tired already. When we climax together it’s better for me. I don’t like when he stalls. When men want a quickie they don’t waste no time when they want to get off before you even get a chance to tired or not.

  3. I am not sure what the issue is but, I seem to rarely ever be able to climax in under an hour. I haven’t run into a problem with a woman loosing lubrication. They just always get tired before I can o[email protected] I don’t drink, smoke, take any medication, have any health issues, and workout six to seven days a week. This has been something I’ve been dealing with for all of my adult life and it causes trouble maintaining a relationship.

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