When It Is a Good Time to Be Self-Centered


By: Isabella Carson

Normally being self-centered is something that you should stay away from. People who see someone that only thinks of themselves all of the time tend to stay away from them. There are times however when it is almost necessary that you be self-centered and think very highly of yourself. Here are some of those times:

1. Work – When you want a raise or a promotion and know that you deserve it you can’t go into the office and tell them that you think that you are ready for it. You have to sell yourself. You know that you are a fantastic worker and you need to make them aware of this and to do so you need to be a little self-centered.

2. During s*x – It’s okay to only think about yourself while you are being intimate. You need to get yours too right?

3. Interview – When you go on a job interview you need to sell yourself just like when you are going for a promotion. Tell them all of the things that make you great and really sell all of your skills.

4. Promotion – Once you get that promotion or amazing new job that you have gone for it is okay to brag about it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Let the world know that you accomplished something great and you are proud of it.

5. Reflections – When you look into a mirror try not to harp on all of the things that you don’t like about yourself. Build up that ego and take a look at all of the beauty that is staring back at you.

6. Bad Relationship – This is one of the most important times to think about yourself before anyone else. You need to do your own thing and make sure that you are focusing on your health and well-being. You can’t do that if you are too busy focusing on someone who doesn’t appreciate you.

7. Compliments – When someone gives you a compliment do you say thank you or do you say something like, “Thanks but I don’t feel pretty today”? Accept that compliment and say thank you. It’s okay to feel that way about yourself too.

8. Working Out – You have just completed the hardest routine that you have ever done and completely killed it. Get out there and brag! You have earned it.


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