When Your Man Feels The Most Attractive


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Here is some proof for you that men and women really are different. After a woman has a baby she is tired, worn down, and feels fat still due to the baby weight that has not yet gone away. A new study shows that men actually feel hotter right after the birth of their child.

The study followed 182 couples for three different milestones in their relationships. They studied them from the beginning of their marriage, to their first anniversary, to their second anniversary. Forty-eight of the couples became parents after the first two years of marriage.

The new mothers and fathers were asked to rate themselves on how attractive they felt on a scale of 1-100, with 1 being the ugliest and 100 being perfection. Men who did not have children ranked themselves right around the same at the milestones. Fathers rated themselves higher after the birth of their children. This confidence however was only temporary. The feeling of attractiveness went down after the first year of having a child. Women rated themselves as less attractive after they gave birth.

There was speculation as to why men felt more attractive after their wives had a baby. The changes were to the woman’s body, not the man’s. When asked however, many of the men said they got a lot more attention when they were walking around with a new baby than they did before the baby came. This can certainly boost a person’s confidence.

The extra attention that men get can’t help their wives any as they already feel unattractive due to the change in their bodies, but watching their husbands get all of the attention can’t be easy! It may be that men don’t have to feel bad about their bodies after a birth because they don’t carry the baby for nine months!


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