Which Americans Are Enjoying More [email protected] Than Everybody Else


By: Krystle Crossman

Match.com does an annual study called Singles in America. They look at different aspects of the single life and compare them to those who are in a relationship or compare them to other singles in different parts of the country. What they have found this time is which women are more likely to experience regular [email protected] The profession that they found to be the biggest recipients were women who worked in the computer science field or electronics fields. That is right, nerds have more fun.

The study is in its fourth year and is run by a team of researchers as well as s*x therapist with the Kinsey Institute, Dr. Justin R. Garcia, and an anthropologist, Dr. Helen Fisher. They looked at 5,329 singles that ranged in age from 18 to 70 years old. The results that they found were pleasantly surprising. It was found that 60% of those single people felt that they were not having enough s*x.

This year 58% more single women said that they wanted to have s*x than last year. With this being said however, only 8% of those women would sleep with someone on a first date as compared to 37% of single men. Research has found that this is because women feel that if they were to sleep with someone right away it would have a negative impact on their reputation and they would seem “easy” to other people.

When it comes to how often women want to do the deed, they average 2-3 days per week. Most men prefer this as well. The women say that they prefer to have s*x later at night, around 10 pm. There are only 12% of women and 15% of men that said that they would want to have s*x every single day.



  1. It bothers me that many times these articles on the website never seem to talk in depth about the title. For instance, this one is supposed to be about which people are having more orgasms. It does tell us who that group of people are but doesn’t follow up with any details as to why that is. It starts giving random statistics about other things and by the time you finish the article, you forget what it is originally about. Dont mean to pick on this one in particular because I see it happening on nearly every one I read, it just made for a good example.

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