Whitenicious: Uproar in Nigeria and Cameroon as Famous Singer Encourages Skin Bleaching


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Cameroonian singer Dencia has been catching a lot of heat lately over a product that she has been endorsing. This dark beauty is endorsing a very controversial product call Whitenicious. It is a skin lightening cream that is so popular that when it launched, it almost immediately sold out!

The product retails for $50-$150 depending on how much you get. The ads feature Dencia, scantily clad in bikinis, with noticeably lighter skin than her real color. The ad says that this is what it can do for your skin if you use it.

In the press release about the product it states that the cream is to be used for dark spots on the skin, acne blemish scars, and dark patches of skin on the elbows and knees. However that is not what the ad is depicting. It is showing the entire body of the singer lightened severely. So if this cream is just for blemishes and rough dark patches of skin, why is her whole body much whiter than before?

With advertisements such as this people will look at the photo first and then look at the product that is being sold. Sometimes they will read the description, sometimes they won’t. So the first impression of the ad that they will get is that this gorgeous woman with an afro for days doesn’t want to have dark skin anymore so she used the cream to lighten her whole body.

People took to social media and slammed the African singer for her ads. One user commented: “I have never understood our infatuation with bleaching away our natural skin colors besides being a major case of inferiority complex, sure you may look lighter on the outside but on the inside you are still who you are….”. Kola Boof called her an “imitation White woman”.



  1. If we are to advance as a community, then we need to make sure that we do not maintain this thought that “white is right”. The indoctrination that our skin is a curse or a blight upon our community is one of the main detriments to our people.

  2. What about the mind set of the people who purchase the product? There is a statement in that alone. As long as they think the “savior” has blonde hair, blue eyes and pale skin they will continue to bleach. Now who is responsible for that concept?

  3. I am glad I have “hair like wool” and “feet like brass”. Wouldn’t have it any other way. My heart is right and my mind is POWERFUL. She is definately a “victim” of brain tampering. Kings, Queens, Princesses and Princes “rise”. Open your new wine and dance like David danced, and make sure you multiply your gift so the gift can be shared with future generations. “The graves are opened.” “Rise”.

  4. You may be able to hide your blackness, but other than surgery, you’ll never be able to hide those Beautiful Black features. cheeks, eye’s, nose and lip’s.

    • Yes, she can have plastic surgery to change the size of her nose and lips, etc. Remember Michael Jackson?

      This woman has a “bleached” mind. Until we as Black people unbrainwash those amongst us, we will continue to have them fall prey to White Supremacy.

      She is sad indeed. It’s sad and painful to see Black people with minds such as that.

  5. It’s so odd that while many black women are trying to imitate white women, white women are spending their money to have our features: youthful skin far into middle age, full lips, voluminous hair, curvier figures. Am I the only one to notice that?

  6. As a African American woman who have often been mistaken for being white i found this ad applauding and this artist very stupid.She looked so beautiful in the 1st photo showing her real beauty.The second photo looks artificial and obviously the photos has been tampered with.It is very sad that she could not embrace her god given beauty.It is one thing endorsing a product that helps with defects on the skin like dark spots and acne that would make any woman feel self bad about herself but to change her entire skin color that was beautiful in the 1st place is a whole new story.This woman needs psychological help.

  7. It’s so sad that a lot of people of African decent don’t value themselves. African women and some men have been doing that for quite some time.

    Perhaps the missionaries who stayed there convinced them that white skin is better than dark.

    The mis-education of our people. Wake up! Know who you are. Know your true heritage.

  8. I really don’t see anything wrong with it. It is simply a matter of taste, sort of like changing the color of your hair. No big deal.

    • It is a bad thing insofar as these whitening products, over time, often ruin the skin. Hair color is not so bad, although it too dries out hair–but hair keeps on growing.

  9. Self hate, in full effect pure and simple.The creator makes no mistakes.Therefore, accept what he gives and work with it. However due to the years of oppression on the African by the European worldwide. These deviant behaviors arise in some of our people.Sad as it may be, it is a necessary evil that we must endure on our path to reclamation .The striggle continues.

  10. Its ironic that even now in 2014 some black folks are still bleaching up their skin to appear more light skinned or white,she’ll be nothing more than an imitation ,a wannabe.

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  12. It is sad to find Africans who are still so mentally oppressed. Worst of all she is in the public eye. She is suppose to be examplary.

  13. bleach this and that, change this and that with surgery:


    Thank God my mama taught me to love self, no matter what “color” we black folks are! No straight hair for me! I got kinks and I love it! don’t take the kinks out, leave them in~

    I love the black I am in~

  14. Yes, the singer may have been wrong by falsely promoting a product. If all she was doing is promoting a product that can eliminate acne and lighteen the entire skin; what is wrong with that. Why can’t we examine her motivation & her target segment…young women interested in enhancing their competitive edge on the dating scene. If a woman wears a high heel shoes (cat walk) to magnify her figure, and lip sticks to enhance her beauty are we going to criticize her for being dishonest? If a man with grey hair darkens his hair to enhance his youthfulness are we going to acuse him of beeing dishonest! Why don’t we ask Nigerian women if Nigerian men find the light skin women more attractive than the dark skined women? May be the answer will help us understand why a woman would spend $50-&150 dollars to buy a bleaching product! Thank you ladies & cultured men!

  15. What moderation? It seems you do not like to publish opposing views! Do you really want every one of your readers to dance to the same tune.. and have the woman banished for trying to sell/promote a product. Very sad indeed!

  16. I agree with jack, if a thorough research is carried out, you will find out that products like that sells more in Africa, the rate at which Africa buy products like this is alarming, Our stars and youth want to have their A** and B**bs fix like that of Nikki Minaj, they want to have there skin bleached like MJ all this and more. let Africans / African American learn to tell our children that being black is nothing to be ashamed of but be very very proud of, let our men and woman stop this modern slavery of their body, mind and soul. lets not loose our ROOT and HERITAGE trying to emulate another’s, let’s sound it loud and clear to the world that we’re beautiful the way we are!

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