Whoopi Goldberg Is Selling “weed”…Legally


By Carolyn Tisdale

One of daytime talk TV’s biggest stars is joining the long list of people who are legally going into the pot business.

According to BlackBusiness.org, Whoopi Goldberg (pictured) has launched a line of cannabis-infused products that help women ease the pain of menstruation.

Goldberg, 61, has teamed up with entrepreneur and Om Edibles creator Maya Elisabeth to form a company called Whoopi & Maya. This company carries a marijuana-mixed product line of organic tinctures, skin rubs, extracts, and bath soaks.

All of these products are rich in essential vitamins and other nutrients. Goldberg and Elisabeth’s products can even be taken by mouth using drops. Goldberg was inspired by her personal own experiences when she decided to go into the medical marijuana business.

“The idea for the product line came from Goldberg’s own experience with painful menstrual cramps. She found that cannabis was the only thing that gave her relief,” read the recent Black Business report.

“So, when she met Maya, the two women hit it off immediately and quickly decided to to launch a signature line of medical cannabis products,” the report went on to read.

Elisabeth is a well-known pioneer of the medical marijuana industry whose organization is based in northern California. She has won multiple awards from High Times Magazine and has been a staunch medicinal pot advocate since the movement started in America.

Legalized recreational marijuana use is also on the rise. Goldberg is entering the legal marijuana-dealing business at the right time. It’s already a multi-billion dollar industry.

On the Whoopi & Maya website, Elisabeth answers numerous questions about why cannabis is such a good medical supplement for women.

“Cannabis is the best medicine because you have more than 200 cannabinoid receptors all over your body. They’re all over your brain, they’re all over your vital organs, they’re everywhere important where you have major functions going on, like your reproductive center, your sleep center and the part of your brain that controls your appetite,” Elisabeth says.

You can find out more about the Whoopi & Maya cannabis product line here.

Source: http://blog.blackbusiness.org/2017/05/whoopi-goldberg-organic-medical-marijuana-cannibus-menstrual-cramps.html#.WREZzYWcGUn






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