Whoopi Goldberg is Suing Website For Posting a Fake News Story That Endangered Her Life


By Victor Trammell

Fake news bloggers are fool hearty opportunists who manufacture stories that are slanderous, libelous, and downright baseless.

Many of them do this because they know that a false story will generate a ton of web traffic via social media. This can create a profitable situation for some bloggers who seek to capitalize on an article’s popularity in the process of spreading the fake news.

Cash thirsty companies help these online fake news publishers by paying for advertising space on their websites in order to expand their visibility. These advertisers care not about the lack of authenticity in the website’s material or the lives that get ruined due to the mass promotion of lies.

According to Gossip Cop, Whoopi Goldberg (pictured) is the latest celebrity to be adversely affected by an faceless, irresponsible blogger who published a fake news story about her. Goldberg, 61, was discussing this issue during the Hot Topics  segment on The View  this past Monday (March 13th).

She said that the fake news story actually put her life and the lives of her loved ones in grave danger. “Something came out in a fake news website about me. It endangered my family’s life and it endangered my life,” Goldberg stated.

The male blogger who broke the story falsely reported that Goldberg bashed the wife of the dead Navy SEAL who Donald Trump profiled in his recent speech before Congress. Though Goldberg and her fellow female co-hosts on The View  discussed Trump’s speech on the show, they did sully the name of the fallen SEAL’s wife.

“[The story was] created by a guy who just wanted to see how quickly stories he made up would spread,” Goldberg said. The daytime talk show co-host also said that she is going to sue for damages due to the death threats and adversities she suffered behind the false news report.

“Clearly, you don’t care what could’ve happened to me or to my family,” Goldberg said angrily referring to the unnamed saboteur who reportedly published the report from Costa Rica.

“Man, I’m telling you, you cost me money because I had to protect my family. Costa Rica isn’t big enough for this lawsuit that’s coming for you,” Goldberg added.

At press time, no specific amount of damages in Goldberg’s tentative lawsuit had reported.

Source: http://www.gossipcop.com/whoopi-goldberg-fake-news-story-video-the-view-suing-lawsuit-watch/








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