Why 1 in 3 Women Are Still Using The Risky “Pull-Out” Birth Control Method


By: Krystle Crossman

There are many different birth control options out for women these days. They can take the pill, they can have an IUD, the diaphragm, the [email protected] ring, spermicide, condoms, the Depo shot, a patch and even a tube that is placed under the skin. Yet for some reason many women choose to use the much less effective method of having their partner pull out. A recent study shows that one-third of women polled have used this method at least once.

The study looked at 2,200 women that were between the ages of 15 and 24. They found that 31% of these women had used the “pull-out” method and of those women, 21% had become unintentionally pregnant. This compares to 13% of women who use another form of birth control.

The biggest problem with this method of birth control is that in the heat of the moment, do you think a guy is really going to think about stopping what he is doing and pulling out right before the big moment arrives? Even if he can control himself and pull out at the right time there is still a chance of pregnancy due to [email protected] This is a tiny bit of seminal fluid that comes out before [email protected] and contains semen which means you can get pregnant from it.

The main reason that women use this as a form of birth control is because they were not prepared to have s*x and didn’t have any other way. If you find yourself unprepared for a situation such as this, it could also mean that your current method may not be working for you. If you are on the pill you should have it on hand at all times, so if you have not taken it you may want to try something different as it is something you need to take every day. If you don’t have condoms lying around at all times, perhaps think about a method of birth control that you don’t need to think about such as the ring, the patch, the shot, or the IUD. Not only do you need to be concerned about pregnancy, but you also must think about STDs, so talk to your OB/GYN to come up with a birth control method that works best for you.


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