Why 20 Year Old Narcissists Love Twitter & 30 Year Old Ones Love Facebook


mirror1By Staff Blogger

Social media is used to catch up with friends, stay in touch with those that live far away from us, and for some, to post a photo of every meal we have ever eaten. A small new study now suggests that it also serves to feed our egos. Twitter was found to help boost the egos of younger kids while Facebook did the same for middle aged people.

When people take to social media sites, they often put out posts that can seem narcissistic and harsh. They don’t think about what they are writing when they are writing it. They just know that they have something that they want to express and this is one way they can think of to do it.

During the study the researchers watched two different populations. The first was 486 college students (most of whom were female) and were an average age of 19. The second group was 93 adults who were also mostly female with an average age of 35. The college students were given personality tests and had to answer questions about social media while they older group took online surveys.

The different tests showed that for the college students, Twitter was the main source of their narcissistic tendencies while the older group took to Facebook. These results come after the results of a study that was published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences that showed that people who were narcissistic were frequent Facebook users and frequently posted and tagged photos.

Lisa Firestone who is a blogger for HuffPost states that before going online to look for self-esteem, you must have a healthy sense of esteem before you turn to social media. She also says that by being less self-obsessed and focusing on the real relationships we have outside of the digital world, the better we can instill this value in our children.



  1. marcus davis on

    Can’t stand media websites like twitter and facebook if I ever use them its just to promote real music etc.I find most people that frequent these websites are the ones that have their faces buried in their iphones or smartphones texting crap and are pretty shallow and moronic to begin with.

  2. I created Facebook into a Virtual Community in order to meet Vegan Athletes, EcoWarriors & Animal Rights Activist. Its been a blessing in disguise since I'm unable to meet Like Minded people here in Vegas 🙂 I keep my personal life, close friends and family separate from such Social Networks.