Why A Lot Of Women Are Feeling Horrible Right Now


Worried businesswomanBy: Krystle Crossman

When the weather starts to get colder and the days get shorter, we all tend to feel a little gloomy. There are those days when the sun doesn’t come out, it is bitterly cold, and it is dark for far too long. Those days are the ones where we would just like to stay in bed all day long. Sometimes this is a recurrent problem that can happen for days or even weeks at a time and is often considered to be Seasonal Affective Disorder. Those who suffer from SAD often find themselves actually depressed, eating more, and gaining weight. This can lead to full-blown depression if you are not careful.

Women are more affected by SAD than men are. Those who are 20-40 years old are twice as likely to suffer from it as men. It all too often leads to full on depression as well. So how do you stop getting the winter blues? There are a few different things that you can do.

The first thing that you should do when you are feeling sad and gloomy is to exercise. Get out and go for a jog or a bike ride if you can. Go ice skating. Even doing aerobics in your living room is something. The most effective time to get your workout in is during the morning so that the sun is out. This will help you to boost your mood through the day.

You also should be careful of how you eat. Make sure that you aren’t taking in more carbs than you can handle and make sure that you still lay off of the sweets. Try foods that have more protein in them. Foods with sugars will make you feel better for a while but then you will have the sugar crash.

If changing these things does not seem to help at all, go see your doctor. They will be able to figure out if you need professional help from them or if something needs to be modified.


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