Why a Raw Food Diet Could Be Unhealthy For You


By: Krystle Crossman

People are going crazy lately for the raw foods diet. They feel that eating nothing but raw foods all day will help them to be healthier than ever before. And while a raw foods diet may be good for some people, there are definite drawbacks and reasons why herbalist Caroline La says that people should never be on a raw food diet.

1. Digestion: When you eat all raw foods all the time your digestion system has to work harder to process the food. Most plants contain cellulose that is very fibrous and is hard for our system to break down. Over time if all you eat is raw foods your digestive system will weaken as it has to work harder all day to process this food. That can lead to weight gain, loose stools, malnutrition, or constipation.

2. Nutrients: Absorbing nutrients goes hand in hand with our digestion of the foods that we eat. If you have a digestive system that is weakened you will not be able to properly absorb the nutrients that you need for a healthy lifestyle. Often times the best nutrients in vegetables are found in the fibers that we have a hard time breaking down which means we are not able to get to those nutrients.

3. Thyroid: There are certain vegetables that are not the best foods for someone with thyroid issues to be eating. There is a component to certain vegetables call goitrogens which decrease or block thyroid function. The good news is that cooking these vegetables can help to get rid of most of the goitrogens. The following vegetables that someone with a thyroid that doesn’t properly function are:

– Broccoli
– Cauliflower
– Kale
– Mustard Greens
– Cabbage
– Brussel Sprouts


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  1. “Thyroid Disorders” are more often than not a “self diagnosed” excuse for weight issues & poor eating habits & lack of exercise more so than an actual medical diagnosis

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