Why Actresses Like Zoë Kravitz Say Not To Vote For Trump


By Victor Trammell

Actress Zoë Kravitz (pictured) and other notable women in Hollywood are actively engaged in a campaign, which is urging women, in particular, not to vote for Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election.

The campaign Kravitz and other famed actresses have organized is called “Women Can Stop Trump.” A public service announcement (PSA) that is promoting this campaign also features appearances by Amber Tamblyn, Diane Guerrero, Maura Tierney, Erika Alexander and Kate Greer.

“The Republican Party’s nominee is Donald Trump,” Alexander says in the PSA.

Tierney asks in the PSA, “And he might be our next president?” Guerrero responds to Tierney by emphatically saying, “Hell no!” The actresses who have embarked on this campaign are working hard to raise awareness about Trump’s harmful positions on a number of issues, which could adversely affect women if he is elected.

“And no way are we voting for the guy who wants to not only ban abortion, but punish any woman who has one,” Tierney also says in the PSA.

Trump’s anti-women gaffes in the from of inflammatory comments are well-documented. The International Business Times (IBT) published an article online last March titled 42 Horrible Things Donald Trump Has Said About Women: Is the Next Republican Presidential Nominee a Misogynist?

The statements that the IBT attributes to Trump in the article are absolutely horrendous.

“26,000 unreported $exual assaults in the military-only 238 convictions. What did these geniuses expect when they put men and women together?” Trump reportedly said.

The “Women Can Stop Trump” campaign that Kravitz and other actresses are engaged in needs to be supported in every way possible. Women made up more than half of the electorate, which re-elected President Obama in 2012. They certainly have the voting power to make sure that Trump gets far less than half of the popular vote this fall.

The mere fact that such a madman like Trump is going to be one of the final choices on the ballot this November is a big enough disaster. Further disaster can be prevented if women use their collective voices at the polls on Election Day. After all, they have a whole lot at stake.

Source: http://thegrio.com/2016/09/11/zoe-kravitz-and-other-actresses-are-urging-women-to-vote-against-donald-trump/





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