Why Are Black Women So Afraid of Talking About “Pleasing” Themselves?


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By: Krystle Crossman

Talking about $exual issues is kind of taboo for women. Many women do not admit to or refuse to talk about ma$turbation and $ex toys. It has become more socially acceptable little by little, but it is nowhere near as easy to talk about it as it is for men. Blogger Christelyn Karazin tells a story of how she went to a BlogHer convention in Chicago.

Karazin said that she saw a booth for Trojan and expected to see a table filled with c0nd0ms, but instead found [email protected] and lube! She said that there were a lot of people at the booth because there was a wheel that you could spin to win a bevy of different toys. One of the prizes was a new [email protected] from Trojan from their “Midnight Collection” and it had ribs, five speeds, four different positions, and a nice little satin pouch. As she looked around she noticed that she was one of the only Black women around. She states that this is because Black women don’t know much about their own girly parts and are afraid to talk about anything related to $ex. She shares that when she asked her own mother about it at the age of 10 her mother told her it was the most painful thing in the world.

The reason for black women being so fearful of $ex has a lot to do with the churches, according to Karazin. She says that the fear of God is put into black women when they go to their Sunday sermons so they are too afraid to get any information on the subject or talk about it with anyone. She says even she is a little embarrassed to admit that she has fun with toys every now and then. When the husband isn’t around to scratch that itch, what else is a girl to do?


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