Why Being Overweight Not Only Drains Your Life But Your Savings Account Too


By: Krystle Crossman

When you are overweight and want to get healthy it seems like money is often a very big factor. Healthy food is undoubtedly more expensive than boxed or processed foods. It often doesn’t keep for nearly as long as something from a box or a can either. When you are on the road fast food is often cheaper and more convenient than finding a salad that isn’t loaded with calories. But if you really think about it, in the long run, being overweight will cost you much more than the healthy foods and gym memberships that you are avoiding. Here are some ways that remaining overweight will cost you much more than trying to get healthy:

1. Work – People who are overweight often have more health problems than those who are not. They call out of work more which results in loss of wages. It also results in more changes in the jobs that are held due to being fired after too many call outs. Not only are you losing money from your earnings but you are costing the company that you work for money because they have to find replacements and train new people.

2. Medical Costs – A study from the CDC in 2009 showed that on average someone who is overweight will rack up over $1,400 more per year in medical costs than those who are a healthy weight. This is just from doctor’s visits alone. A more recent study from Cornell University shows the average as double that amount.

3. Medications – Often when someone is overweight they are at risk for a number of health issues that require very expensive medicine such as high cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure. People of a healthy weight can of course have these issues to but there is a much greater risk if you are heavier. The cost of these medications can really add up through the years. Medicare showed that people with a BMI between 35 and 39.9 are spending an average of $1,200 more per year on medications.

These numbers are all pretty high and while it may seem that the cost of fresh produce and a gym membership are high, they will add years to your life, add income that you may have lost from being sick all of the time, and reduce the amount of medical costs that you have in your life. You don’t even have to get a gym membership to exercise, there are plenty of free exercises you can do right in your own home!



  1. I want you all to stop with this stupid bullshit! What the hell are you all going to do with the number of women who are skinny as hell and just as damn broke and sick in their bodies and spirit? You claim to always want to uplift black women, but are always finding a way to undermine and perpetuate underhanded prejudice at a particular demographic within the same community you claim to uplift. You sound ridiculous. When you go into any medical office and see small people with high blood pressure meds and diabetes. Those same people have been on meds for years without a cure. They are small and are within the proper weight for their height. Go to cancer centers and you will see small, regular sized people dying and they have never been overweight. So please stop it with this ignorance! You sound so stupid!

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