Why Being Single is So Awesome: 9 Truths About Single People


By: Krystle Crossman

Some people see being single as a bad thing. They feel that if they are not in a relationship it somehow means that their life is incomplete. Here are nine reasons why being single is great:

1. Single people get more sleep at night. It is much easier to sleep through the night when there isn’t someone next to you kicking, snoring, or tossing and turning.

2. A study from the University of Chicago in 2012 shows that single people are more likely to be employed. In 2009 6 million singles in America lost their jobs but since then over 90% have gained them back. Only 22% of married Americans got their jobs back.

3. Single people are more worried about their partner’s satisfaction in bed, 97% of single people according to a study from Match.com.

4. Single people who wait longer to get married have better marriages and are less likely to get divorced. Women who wait longer also tend to make more money.

5. Single people exercise more according to a study in 2004.

6. Single people are less likely to have debt. 36% of married couples with children had credit card debt, 27% of married couples without children had it, and 21% of singles had credit card debt. Single people are more on top of their debt that married people are as well.

7. Single people are resilient despite the stereotypes that are always held against them for being single. They still thrive and can live happily ever after.

8. Single people are more involved with political and environmental causes.

9. Single people that live alone are much more independent than those who are married. You can’t avoid chores that you don’t want to do and have to take care of all of the finances.



  1. The truth is single people really do have it going on, they live life to the fullest. They have very very low stress levels if any at all. They’ve learned to live content with most things in life because their eyes are open to learn about what they see others got throw so they can avoid the massacre.
    I can shop whenever I want to, my meditation times are always undisturbed and blessed, travel when I want to, bottomline I need nobody’s permission to do 1 [email protected] thing. I do me to the fullest and avoid everybody drama at all cost / Like the song says: SLIP AWAY….

  2. Truthbeliever on

    I’m single and wouldn’t have it any other way. I own a very nice home with a lovely deck and landscaped back yard. I work as a professional in the medical field. I have a healthy savings as well as retirement account. I travel when and where I want to. I buy what I like to eat. ALL MY CLOSETS ARE MINE! I drive the automobile I want and don’t wash for 3 or 4 months at a time! I can go out with the girls after work and be the last one to leave. I’ve had plenty of relationships- so good. Some not so good. I enjoy my alone time- I’m an avid reader. I listen to all kinds of music. I’m studying various cultures and military history. I’m learning to play the saxophone and brushing up on piano. I have a wonderful family- we really are close and help each other. I have the two best friends in the world. I love life but not more than I love Jesus Christ the Savior of the whole world! There is not ONE SINGLE THING I would change about my life. Then, when I die, I go to heaven. Can’t get any better than that!

    • blessingsflow on

      I agree with truthbeliever wholeheartedly. I am happy to be “LIVING THE SINGLE LIFE”, finally. I survived a too long time relationship that was toxic for longer than I care to remember. Once I began to peel back the layers, a whole new woman began to bloom. After reading this book “Promises from GOD for Single Women” by Bishop T.D.Jakes, I have a total new prospective on how GOD along with some very revealing scriptures is offering a lot of wisdom, encouragement and comfort. It’s OK to be single, nothing is wrong with us, we are unique and complete in our oneness. If one is not complete prior to marriage or a relationship, it will not heal a broken soul. Essentially, I am elated to work my new found independence,so Truthbeliever you are,definitely working yours, Praise God, pick up the book you will enjoy it, Be Blessed….

  3. The Westernized, European society and those with Westernized, European mentalities are always glorifying “singlehood.” This is Anti-African. Ancient Africans promoted the “holy trinity” which is the black woman, black man, and black child! #Ma’at #balance #ankh

    • I hear what you’re saying but in my case, I just never met the right one. When I was younger, I was engaged to a man I thought I wanted to marry. I found out (just in time) that he wasn’t. I never had babies because I wanted to be married first. (This is not a slight to the unmarried moms out there. This is just a decision I made because I wanted my children to have a father that was also my husband). Now that I’m older, if I got married, it would be to the right man for the right reasons. I am more mature now and I have more insights so I am much better equipped to choose the right man to have as a husband than who I chose when I was much younger. Who knows: maybe I’ll find the right one and adopt some Black babies because I am too old to have them, I will be able to have that family you are writing about. In the mean time, I am enjoying my freedom, I have learned ALOT (Black History by the way) from my travels and I have more to offer a like-minded brother. We’ll see what the future holds.


  5. Plus there are just so few women these days worth taking. They have so much drama, so broke, so dependent, kids all over the place etc.

      • Tony,

        I am none of those things you describe. I dont have kids. I am 40 years old with a nice job and I am educated. I know that any man I give my heart to would be blessed to have me. I choose to be single because most men have kids which include drama. I have no baggage because I have only been in one real relationship and only two men in my life. I believe that my mind, body and soul is sacred so I am very selective with who I spend my time with which I why I am alone majority of the time. I love being single and know people who are married who would like to be single.

  6. There are many of us women tony May 20, 2014 at 11:24am.
    I’m single, no drama, not broke, very independent and DO NOT have any children by choice. And…I work with and know plenty more women who can say the same. Wishing you a better attitude.

  7. Since I have always been single, I have had the opportunity and freedom to do what I love the most, and that is travel. I’ve visited different countries and lived there for a while if I chose to. Many married women and women with children told me that they envied me for my freedom. I don’t have to answer to a man for anything, I don’t have to tell them where I was or where I’m going. I’m free.

  8. Girls bottomline is “WE GOT IT GOIN ON FORREAL”…!!!


    I don’t blast no women for wanting to be a married women. What I blast is getting married for all the wrong reasons…

    Continuing to enter into relationship after relationship and not allowing your “CREATOR” to teach you what a “REAL WHOLESOME RELATIONSHIP IS”, losing your freedom and independence to a man who does not appreciate your worth, and you struggling to hold on to a marriage and relationship that’s literally taring you down til you become so broken and “DYSFUNCTIONAL” and God has to rescue you because you’ve allowed yourself to become too weak to let go…
    Its hard “RECOVERING” from that “DARK PLACE”… but I will tell you one thing! Once your creator pick your face up off the ground and set you on a “ROCK” to stay, and your eyes are “WIDE-OPEN”, you will never allow anybody to ever walk into your life again and kill-off what your God “DESIGNED IN YOU”… Sex ain’t everything, its just a “POWDER-PUFF” on top / POOF-PUFF-OF-SMOKE LIKE A “VAPOR”…LOL
    Its fast & easy to be destroyed / longer & harder to be fixed… some never recover.

    Question to Tony:
    *Why do most african american men have so much “DISDAIN” for strong black-women who are living and enjoying the single-life because we “PREFERR IT”..?

    MY GOD MAKES LOVE TO ME EVERYDAY OF THE WEEK, EVEN WHEN I’M SLEEP (through gifts dreams vision and communicating to my spirit / aka: long conversataion)…

    Now why would anyone (man or woman) trade a lifestyle like that in for some [email protected] daily trumatic stress, depression and oppression….?


    • Becuz STRONG equal LOUD COMBATIVE OVERLY AGGRESSIVE, ALWAYS HAVIN A ATTITIDE, BRAGGING ABOUT.HOW A BLACK MAN “CAN’T HANDLE A STRONG BLACK WOMAN”, CLAIMING YALL ARE QUEENS WHEN YALL ACT LIKE PEASANTS AND COURT JESTERS. Yall dont hear white women, latinas, asian women or any other race of women calling themself STRONG, they like beimg soft feminine and pretty and they take care of their men. Aint never heard a white woman say IM A STRONG WHITE WOMAN A CRACKA CANT HANDLE ME but a black woman will say IM A STRONG BLACK WOMAN A NUCCA CANT HANDLE ME! Thats why when yall gettin yall azz whooped by a dude everybody stand around and watch but dont pull dudes off yall becuz they figure yall so strong yall can whoop a nuccas ass. If a white or latina or asian chick getting their azz beat by a dude then dudes of all races will pull dude off those ladies becuz they aint bein stupid and telling ppl they strong becuz they are feminine and will cry and ppl feel sorry for them but they dont feel sorry for you SKRONG black women because yall manly as sheit and can take a azz whoopin. Nucca dont want a burly azz black built like a quarterback black woman with a voice deeper than his thats always talkin bout how SKRONG she is talkin loud and always ready to whoop azz, thats like him wanting a man. Plus somma yall looking manly in the face no man want a woman that look just as manly like them Chitown nuccas.

      • @Deva-Devil OMG! Gul your azz sound like a real hood-rat. So this is what (HOOD DISEASE) look like. Do you know how stupid you sound. I can tell you somebodys weak child, full of insecurity. Ugh!!!
        Messed up generation!

        • @Rosie

          Plezz just ignore her, she’s not worth it. She really is just a child. She’s only about 23, 24 yrs old something like that. She knows nothing about life, but for sure life is waiting on her. She’s been posting she’s getting ready to get married, so now her wake-up call is on it’s way…wink!! Crying Days here we come / sad to say but that’s real life.

      • Devon? YOU are a damn fool. Now everybody knows it. ‘Tis better to keep one’s mouth shut and be THOUGHT a fool, than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt. Keep your mouth closed and nobody will know how truly IGNORANT you are.

  9. I really sometimes wish I was single my husband sometimes jus really pushes me to da limits he is so jealous and wants to no my every move until he’s gets out and about our working other then dat he wants me home as soon as I leave work he wants me to take da kids with me every where I go it seems as if I dont ever get any me time only if im working so ladies im jealous because I think I could enjoy being single but jus to scared to let go of a 22 yr relationship and 18 yr marriage but am feed up being stalked, controlled, an verbally abused in a marriage.ladies enjoy being single..signed wished I was single…

    • @married 18yrs….

      I wish I was home sitting at my PC so I could relax and share with you at this moment, so just know this sweet-pea! (You are not alone) though it might feel like it, its just the struggles of your flesh dying out so God can teach you how to become subject to your spirit so you can learn how to walk in the gathering the power and strength that God has for you to (WIN) this battle

      Redbone knows very very very well where you are right at this point in your life. I walked throw it too… I promise you this: stick with God / there is an ending to the madness. When I get home I will finish this post…

    • Good Morning (Married 18yrs)..

      I just wanted to share this post with you I blogged on another article because I’m concerned about you and you really do need to understand that your not alone and your not the only black-woman walking through a crisis like this.


      Good Morning Ladies…

      In our black community there are a lot of people who are standing up against being “SINGLE”, especially black-men, Note: I’m not going to even call them our men anymore because for the simple fact (they are just men like any other men), but the “DIFFERENCE” is: (THE MAJORITY ARE NOT DATING AND WIFING THE BLACK-WOMAN)… but (YOU) have to be honest with “yours-so-truely” kill!ng off denial so you can become free in your minds and spirit.

      Stop listening to people who are giving you “CONTROLLING MILITANT ADVISE” and start listening, respecting and believing in the heart of that “STILL SMALL VOICE” that’s on the inside of you because it is your “CREATOR” who is speaking to you at all times. If we start taking the time to slow down, stop panicking, relax, take deep breaths & exhale, and be anxious for nothing then we will began to “HEAR OUR TRUE GUIDE”…

      Too often I’m reading and hearing “CONTROLLING [email protected]” online in these blog rooms trying to tell me and convence me that I’m just a “dysfunctional bitter mad-azz black-woman” LMBO! mad because I can’t get a [email protected] black-man…really!! and now the Redbone is really laughing because its really comicable and it sounds so stupid and so [email protected] shallow minded and controlling… especially when its comes out of some of the mouths of our own sisters, not that part is the real bytch… some shyt you just gotta laugh it off SMH!

      Now remembering God’s word is “LAW”, (IT DOES NOT SPEAK AGAINST BEING SINGLE IN THE WORD OF GOD)… Jesus said blessed are those who remain single because being married comes with “CHORES” in so many words and a better way of putting it. Don’t believe the Redbone, just take sometime to go read it for yourself…wink!!!

      Black-women have a right to be “SO HAPPY & FULLFILLED” without allowing controlling figures to continue masscre-ing our selfesteem…

      Dr. T. D. Jakes has a book that’s been out for a while called “(THE LADY, HER LOVER AND HER LORD)”, I guarantee you once you pick it up and began to read it… you won’t wanna put it down. It will have you laughing off your rocker sometimes, especially when Dr. Jakes starts rapping to the spirit of the black-woman.

      Short story: I was at the gym one day walking the treadmill and reading that book, forgot where I was and started bust-up with laughter LMBO!!! men started walking up and asking me what I was reading, I couldn’t stop laughing. I simply told them LMBO! They said “I WANNA BUY THAT BOOK FOR MY WIFE /FOR MY GIRL”…

      The next book by Dr. Jakes is called: “SO YOU CALL YOURSELF A MAN”… Its about the “CRIPLE MAN AT THE GATE” / which is actually speaking about the dysfunctional men of today and yesterday.
      The book called: WOMEN THOU ART LOOSE” just speaks about the criple women / dysfunctional women, and most of us have already read them, many have gone to the conventions Dr Jake has every year.
      There’s also videos and tapes called: “MAN POWER 1 2 AND 3”, Dr. Jake ministers to black-men, get the series ladies and start empowering yourselves so you can start learning what your up against if you don’t start taking your time with your own personal life getting to know your creator, falling in love with him, and allowing him to take you through your process while getting you prepared for your “MATE”…

      You “MUST” be celibate ladies if you want a blessed union with your husband… and guess what!!! ha ha ha… The man must also be celibate and clean in temple before your creator will even allow him into your life just for the purpose of marriage alone with everything else added.

      Have A Blessed Day / Redbone…

      MARRIED 18YRS…
      Don’t you dare give-up “HOPE”… there is still a beautiful life out there for you once you allow God to help you out of this one. This is not the end of the world, but it could become the end of “YOUR WORLD” if you continue to do nothing about your situation.
      When I was in your position I was an “AT HOME MOM”, no money – no resources – barefeet pregnant and just lost… I was just totally mentally dysfunctional. I had sadly lost touch with my “ME”, missed out on so much in life, but let me tell you something girlfriend: *(GOD WILL GIVE BACK “EVERYTHING” THE KANKER-WORM HAS STOLEN FROM YOU), but you just have to trust him / trust and believe that “HE / GOD” is and does “HEAR” your prayers, your crys, your most intimate thoughts, and every last request you make unto him… I promise you sweet-pea “GOD HEARS YOUR HEART”… and God (WILL) get you where you need to be. Be so careful who you share your “woes” with because sometimes our so-called-friends can be our worst enemy.

      Stop getting caught-up with people who don’t support you but just talk about you behind your back… they are the worst especially when your walking through a serious time such as this.
      Make God your best friend and “ASK GOD” to bring you into a “PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP” with him, just remember “GOD’S STUFF DON’T COME FOR FREE”…

      Take off your fleshly way of thinking and put on your “MENTAL PROTECTIVE FIRE GEAR” because what you’ve been doing all the time is walking through the fire. You gotta let God change your “MIND-SET” lady… You can do this girlfriend even though you have babies… where there is a will, there is a way and my God will make a way out of no-way. You just gotta (trust and believe) no matter what, even if you have to close your eyes sometimes.

      *Use the blood of Jesus as a (WEAPON)… all you have to do is start calling it out over and over again and mentally meditating on it from deep within… It works!!!

      Here is my email address: [email protected]

      If you use my email address I will have you placed under citizens arrest, and you’ll also meet the real REDBONE…wink!!!

    • Go to Amazon Used Books.com / type in “Prayer Rain” by Dr. D. K. Olyk… I can’t spell his name right, he’s African / Mountain Of Fire Ministries / order the book ASAP and start using it on a daily basis and watch change come into your life.

      All I’m going to say is: (YOU WILL SEE ONCE YOU OPEN THE BOOK UP)…

      Also order this very small paperback manual book by Cindy Trimm called: Command Your Mornings

      You got homework girlfriend….wink!!! Have a blessed day / Redbone

  10. LMAO the only women praise dancin about being single is the ones aint no men checkin for. Yeah yall geriatric azzes love bein single you got no choice and what fine azz brutha young or old thats got it goin on and want a young fertile wifey to have babies with, want some ole dry coochie menopausal middle age hag for a wife or a boo? LOL!

    • @ Devon, since you sound immature, let me school you. The young fertile women you talking about don’t always have it together.She is sharing the coochie with you and others, she may produce a few babies you may not get to see while you’re paying child support and they might be seeing a whole lot of uncles visiting mama, you may even get custody because she may not want to be tied down with no kids because she still got it going on, however, a more mature woman who is established financially, got it together and is ready to have a family will be prepared mentally and physically and won’t run at the first sign of problems. Be careful what you wish for. Arm candy or loyalty and longevity.

    • @Riki Smith and @ Married 18yrs…

      You still (WIN) in the end… Your children turn out to be your blessing in the end and your greatest supporters…wink!!!

      I started having my babies when I was 17 1/2 yrs old and married. I stayed married for 18yrs of pure h*ll until God rescued me (BECAUSE (I) CRIED OUT), I had had enough/ I was sick and tired of being (SICK & TIRED) of riding that same “OLD ROLLERCOASTER” (OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN)… I wasn’t even paying attention to the effect it was having on my (CHILDREN)…


      Ms. Married 18yrs!!!
      If you can’t do it for yourself / do it for your children. If your raising daughters to be grown women, what do you think your teaching them by how they see their father treat you??? and when its all said and done and the children are grown (THEY WILL REMIND YOU OF HOW YOU ALLOWED THAT MAN TO TREAT YOU)…believe me it will come around.

      Boys follow “PATTERNS” after their fathers… “ITS CALLED LEARNED BEHAVIOR / AKA: CO-DEPENDENT BEHAVIOR”, and that’s concerning the whole household. Its like the alcoholic syndrome: IF ONE PERSON IN THE HOME IS AN ALCOHOLIC / THE WHOLE HOUSE ACTS LIKE AN ALCOHOLIC…

      If blackwomen would learn how to start “INVESTIGATING” the family background from the childhood up concerning these men we are allowing ourselves to get “CONNECTED” to we would not be getting all caught up into these “UPSIDE DOWN DARK RELATIONSHIPS” we are finding ourselves in today.
      Many of us are “VICTIMS” of our mothers and other people controlling our lives like many / but not all (the “RELIGIOUS” 4-wall church)…
      God did not (CREATE THE BLACK-WOMAN) for the purpose of (ABUSE) in no way fashion or form.

      Let me also say this before I start a WAR.
      The same thing applys for black-men who are good wholesome wellrounded (but not perfect) God-men.
      Some women have issues you don’t wanna log into for marriage too.

      Married 18yrs!!!
      You have the right to take your life back. God gave man “FREE-WILL” over his own (TEMPLE)…
      When you continue to allow anyone to abuse your temple over and over and over again (YOU) BECOME YOUR OWN ABUSER), therefore God begin to also hold (you) responsible for the abuse of your own temple / its like using bad drugs… because now you have allowed that whole situation to become your (GOD)…

      I’m 54 yrs young now, my oldest is 34yrs old. Young people think 50 is old but its not. We thought 50 was old too lol… 40ty to 50 is actually when you really start to live life to the fullest and enjoy the best sexual intimacy amongest other things, (YOU FIND YOU / YOU FIND YOUR GOD ON A WHOLE OTHER LEVEL) because it is our own (PERSONAL EXPERIENCES) that actually (LEAD US TO HIM)…wink! God put a stop to mine. Nobody is perfect…

      God also engineer some circumstances in our lives to bring us closer into relationship with him because he does truely love us, and he is concerned about us and our situations…

      God does not work his (WILL) in our lives per individual according to mans (AGENDA) period…

      Redbone / Be Blessed and remember your God is with you at all times.


  11. As a 50yr old divorcée, my advice to the young women I’ve encountered has always been to associate with like minded people, travel as much as possible, totally enjoy singleness before you decide to settle down. Don’t rush into any relationships before twenty five or make any commitments, including babies, because you will regret it later on. Take it from someone who has been there.

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