Why Black Women Are The Most Concerned About 2016 Elections


By Victor Trammell

The hype over the upcoming U.S. presidential election  is currently dominating the news headlines.

Now that both of the two major political parties have narrowed down to their final nominee for the position of leader of the free world, people are up in arms about the nation’s future. Black women, in particular, are very worried about what will become of America if their desired candidate for president is not elected in November.

According to a recent Gallup poll, almost 75 percent of black women in America are “strongly afraid” of what will happen if Donald Trump is elected as the next U.S. president. Black women were more worried about the election outcome than any of the other demographic groups that participated in the poll.

Trump’s maniacal antics and damning soundbites, which have targeted women and minorities have definitely given black women a good reason to be concerned. Black women have also become a lot more engaged in voting since 2008. They played a major role in President Obama’s success in getting elected through both of his terms.

Black women have a lot more at stake nowadays. They are becoming better educated, more connected socioeconomically, and they are also rising in rank in the political arena. Much of the success being experienced by black American women as of late could be in jeopardy if the Republicans have their way into the White House this fall.

Ebony Magazine published an article online earlier this week, which reported the findings of this recent Gallup poll. Here is a sample of some of the critical data, which was present in the findings of the Gallup poll:

  • Overall, 66 percent of Blacks “strongly agree” that the stakes in this presidential election are higher than in previous years

  • 55 percent of Black men fear “strongly agree” what will happen if their candidate for president does not win

  • The gender gap is smaller among whites and virtually non-existent among Hispanics

*Results for the poll are based on telephone interviews conducted June 7 – July 1, 2016 with a sample of 3,270 adults, aged 18 and older. (Ebony.com)

Source: http://www.ebony.com/news-views/black-women-2016-election-poll#axzz4F0UpkDNb








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