Why [email protected] Mothers Are Excited About a New Law in Brazil


By: Krystle Crossman

[email protected] in public has been a hot-button topic for the last few years. Mothers are standing up for their right to feed their children whereever they please. The over-s*xualization in this country leads to people shaming them for doing something that is natural. All over the world women are harassed and bullied because they choose to feed their children in a public place. Some ask how it is any different from sitting on a bench and whipping out a fork for your kid to eat food. Those who criticize say that they don’t want their children exposed to other women exposing their bodies.

Some workplaces have designated rooms where mothers can go to sit on a couch in a private setting to feed their baby so that it doesn’t offend anyone and they have somewhere clean and private to go other than a bathroom. In São Paulo a new law has passed and will be enforced within the next month. They will fine businesses that do not allow women to [email protected] in their establishment. The fine equals out to be around $150. This comes after many cases where women were shamed by officials while they were feeding their children. They were harassed, called names such as “sl*ts”, and were shooed out of the businesses. A model in Brazil, Priscilla Navarro Bueno, stated that she was harassed by a security guard at the Museum of Image and Sound. She stated that while it is okay in their culture for women to flash people during Carnival celebrations for some reason it is not okay for a woman to be partially exposed while giving her baby the nourishment it needs.

The government will be putting the fines to good once when they are collected. They will be going towards funding the policies that they have in place to encourage women to [email protected] Even though this is only in one city in the entire world it is still a giant step. Women shouldn’t be harassed and berated for feeding their children when the child is hungry. Some argue that they should pump before they go into a business so that they have bottles on hand but for some mothers a bottle takes away from the bonding time that they have with their child.


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