Why Career Focused Millennial Women Can’t Find A Man


ladies at lunchBy Staff Blogger

It seems today that more and more *millennial women are single. Why is this? Are they not good enough to date? Of course not; many women focus on their career first, and choose love later. The problem is that later in life they are looking for a mature man who is settled in a good career as well and that doesn’t seem to be something they can find! Men that are date-able are either married, gay, or have a lot of extra baggage that women don’t want to deal with.

Women used to be taught that their purpose was to get an education, but then find a husband, have children, and become a stay at home mother. As the times have changed, so has the family dynamic. More men are staying at home with the kids too, couples are getting married later in life, and many remain single because they are so focused on their careers. Millennial women know that they can be self-sufficient, so there isn’t that inherent need to run out and find a man to support them.

These types of women who have focused on career and are ready to find someone to share their life with have high standards. They aren’t expecting miracles, but they are looking for someone who has a stable career, earns a decent living, and has all his ducks in a row. This standard may be a little too high however. They don’t go out to bars. They will use other avenues to find a mate, such as through a friend or online dating.

Unfortunately for millennial women, the number of men who would be considered equal partners are dwindling. There are more women than men on college campuses, and women who are single and have no children out-earn their male counterparts. If they want to find love,  it may be time to start looking for someone to support their career-driven life instead of someone to compete with.

*Generation Y, also known as the Millennial Generation, is the demographic cohort following Generation X. There are no precise dates for when Generation Y starts and ends. Commentators use beginning birth dates from the latter 1970s, or from the early 1980s to the early 2000s.



  1. John LiPari on

    the globalists and international bankers who own our government, funded feminism, so they could tax women and break apart the nuclear family, in order to eliminate the middle class and collapse the economy. they have programmed and brainwashed women, through pop culture and the CFR/CIA owned mainstream media, to focus on a career during the years they should be mothers or focus on their career being more important than their family. they promote this agenda heavily in pop culture. constantly bashing men, promoting female "empowerment," promiscuity, alternative lifestyles….etc. the entire western culture down to the education system has been feminized. women are acting like men and men are acting more feminine. it's a role reversal. the end result is divorce rates are the highest they have ever been, because men are no longer willing to put in work to get a woman. women are no longer suitable partners for marriage and men have opted out and adapted to the way society is. since sex is much more readily available, a man is just going to take the sex, rather than spend his hard earned money taking a woman out and wining and dining her and we are certainly not going to get taken to the cleaners by a woman through divorce, because marriage is a bad contract for a man. women can't find a good man, because they are so focused on their careers, by the time they are ready for a man, the rich guy is either taken already or a straight up player. the poor guy is either shit out of luck or a straight up player and the middle class guys are non-existent. it's biologically ingrained in a woman to want an alpha male, who may be more successful than they are or have greater social status. those are the guys that women want to sleep with. except, in this economy, that guy doesn't exist anymore. so, women are dating nerds, herbs and geeks that they don't really want to have sex with, just to get that dinner, while banging the bad-boy they want to sleep with on the side. that's why you have so many single mothers over 30 years old these days. women have lost the ability to choose and now it's the man who decides if the woman is good enough for him to go out of his way for. women are being faced with the dilemma of either give it up faster or get passed up and they don't know how to handle it, because of years of them trying to get something out of giving it up. that dinner and drinks is now a blunt and a movie over your crib and sex.

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