Why Couples With No Kids Are Happier Than Those Who Have Kids


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Most parents will say that their lives are fuller and happier with their children in them and they couldn’t imagine a better life. However a new study shows that couples who do not have children report higher levels of happiness in their relationships and in their lives in general.

Children are a joy, but they can also take quite a toll on your relationship. They interrupt any private time that you may have with your partner which accounts for a large source of relationship woes when couples have children. For some couples, time for intimacy is almost non-existent and even when they do have time to themselves they are often so tired that they just want to sleep. The study indicated that men complained of a slowed s*x life and women said that they had less of a s*x drive than before.

The study also showed that having children can take a toll on the men. They may feel left out once the mother bonds with the children. They feel that they are being ignored as the woman is often focusing almost all of her attention on taking care of the children as opposed to taking care of the husband.

Women feel that after a long day of getting the kids ready for school, cleaning the house, working, making dinner, bringing them to various after-school activities, they just are not up for any more than that, especially if they also have a job. They find it very hard to switch from being a mom to a wife after a long day. This can cause a big rift in the relationship, especially if their partner is starting to feel neglected.

The couple needs to share responsibility of the home equally. Both need to help with the chores, with dinner, with the children, and everything else that goes on during the day. This will help one to not be more tired than the other. Couples also need to make alone time for themselves, even if that means shipping the kids off to the grandparents for the weekend or getting a babysitter. The spark needs to be kept alive so that both partners remain happy.



  1. If you have relationship woes, don’t blame the kiddos… I have childless friends who can’t seem to even find a good relationship to stay in… If a couple is together and they have children, the battle is already won. Celebrate the victory in being a COUPLE, period!

    • You sound just like an idiot! If being a couple is such a victory, why is the divorce rate so high? Maybe you need to stay off those drugs! Your name tells the story…..Hi-day-a (short for high all day)!

  2. Sharing the child rearing responsibilities 50/50, or as much as equally possible…..nice concept…..but how many couples do this…..especially if they are lower middle class??

  3. That may be a little truth to that.. I was married for 45 yrs. raised 3 boys and 1 girl and I believe your parents and uncles aunts have more to do with you being happy then your kids.

  4. To tell someone they are not happy based on the fact they have children, or that someone else is happier because they don’t have any, makes no sense at all….raising my children was the hi-light of my life….
    When they were young growing up, we had so much fun together, I babysat for a living….the people I babysat for became my friends, we were very close, we had birthday parties more than once a month, cook-outs and our children, and our children were happy, these were some of the best years of my life….my children help to make me the caring productive unselfish person I am today….
    Who is happy all the time in life….

  5. Sorry but I do not know anybody except young adults that are unhappy with children. The most unhappiest people I know are between the ages of 30-50 and have never married nor had children. Young people who have children without marriage, many thinking that having a baby will make the person marry them, are usually the most miserable.

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