Why Denzel Washington Is In a Detox Facility


By: Krystle Crossman

Denzel Washington is not a celebrity that is in the news for partying, doing drugs, drinking too much, or any of the other debauchery that celebs tend to get themselves involved in. He seems like a pretty calm and down to earth guy. This weekend however there may be a little twist in Denzel’s life that no one would really see coming. He was spotted leaving a home that he had kept himself in for two weeks straight to detox from a very intense vacation that he took with his wife Pauletta.

Washington and his wife chartered a yacht and proceeded to party for an entire month. It is not clear what they were partying with but after they came back Denzel went to a home in Los Angeles where there were a bunch of professionals waiting to help him detox and get himself back to normal for his upcoming role in a new movie called The Equalizer. In the house with him he had a chef, a personal trainer, and a nutritionist. They were by his side for the two weeks. Before he had gone on his vacation he had stayed away from all drugs or alcohol for 45 days while working on the movie Flight.

Some sources who are close to Washington say that these detoxes are a regular part of his routine. He could be indulging in something as simple as junk food and soda, but it could be something more serious as well. That is a part of his life that the public never really sees as he keeps a very low profile for the most part. Last year an incident came about where there were supposedly photos that proved that he was cheating on Pauletta. The photos showed him kissing another woman on the mouth. Nothing was ever proven and he denied all claims that he had cheated on his wife of 30 years. Unfortunately when you are in the public eye the smallest thing can turn into a huge fiasco. That is just what happens when you are famous. For now all we can do is speculate about what Denzel did on that boat that would require a detox.



  1. Whatever it was is between him, his wife and God! He probably ate too much rich foods and drank more than his share of liquor, doubt seriously if it was drugs. I need to detox myself, from sweets!

    • Thank You Sister Ann, Whatever is going on with him(Denzel)….It is between Him and his Beautiful Wife. This Unhealthy society that we live in do not want Blacks to speak favorable of another Black. They fear our Unity.

  2. There they go again with the negative speculation. People detox all the time to remove any toxic material from their bodies. He was on a body of water for a while so who knows what toxic material he was breathing in. Just as we do when we go out on cruises, we tend to eat too much of the wrong foods (junk food) and no exercising. That could be the case here. He is ridding his body of all bad material in order to be in the best possible health and shape as possible for his upcoming filming. Please stop assuming the worse. If I could afford it, I would regularly go to a detox facility as well. Please stop assuming the worse.

  3. This artucle seem like another Hollywood-esque attempt to make something out of nothing. I think this writer would be better served by writing for so-called reality TV which is a whole lot of nothing to try to make something out of, rather than trying to cast aspersions on our Denzel.

  4. Denzel haa always struggled with heroin and cocaine abuse. This is nothing knew. But at his age, I am shocked he got back on drugs at this stage. SMDH

  5. Denzel, Denzel, put that post office career scare behing you my brother. Please hold it together my most esteemed thespian and realistic version of many great African-American heroes — however, with one or two exceptions. If you need to “indulge”, please consider limiting yourself to high potency Colorado cannibis and craft beer or California wine. Because of my deep and abiding love for you and your body of work thus far, I remain in prayer for you and your wife. Peace.

  6. Black Family, I know my comments are going to be censored however I have decided to unsubscribe from this site. This is not a site interested in initiating a Healthy, Cultural dialogue, They are only interested in putting out topics that will keep Black People/People of Color Divided,and they use Unconscious&Ignorant Black Writers to do it. I notice that any comments that is made to enlighten the readers, or shares a different point of view are always targeted for Moderation, and not allowed to be viewed. I advise the Black Family to remove this site because just like Facebook Twitter, and all other forms of Social Median, they are design to promote negativity,and division among us. Why are you attempting to destroy our Brother Denzel Washington ?

  7. Why put this out? This is gossip and its extremely foul. Please leave this kind of crap journalism for the tabloids and try to stay more upscale, forward thinking and enlightening. We sons and daughters of Moors deserve better.

  8. Wajeedah Mohammad on

    This society needs a cleansing, they could only look out of detoxed eyes, from this superficial world. Their souls, need to be cleansed and to be on a greater purpose,instead of the superficial purpose. Perhaps they wouldn’t have so much idle time to try and destroy someone elses life or reputation. You know what they say, “Idle time is the devils workshop.” Try detoxing from the devils workshop and find your inner self…that inner peace.

  9. What it is, is that self is it’s own worse enemy and the negative spirit is being allowed to do so. We plant our own seeds of life. So since there are two types of spirits out here, one thrives on negative talk, lies, deception and destruction of any one’s life it happens. Some believe and some don’t. You disengaging yourself from this site will never stop us as individuals planting our own seeds of life.

  10. Whites do the samething but go feather and KILL THEMSELVES. I thank the united states is a sorry place for BLACK PEOPLE . Give me enough money I would get the F out of WHITE and go fight with ISIS.

  11. Wow, sister black well written and spoken. I say to my people wake the h*** up, the white media and those few AA writers who drink the kool-aid and call it journalism are and will continue to put OUR race down. We as a unified race should not subscribe to such slander and pure foolish gossip. Like you say stop reading, subscribing and liking that trash they put out and support and uplift one another more often. I can go on, but I hope my point get across to the masses!!!

  12. It is not uncommon to need a vacation from your vacation. I wish I could go detox periodically detox from LIFE because I get stressed out!

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