Why Did The FDA Allow Deadly Antibiotics in Livestock Americans Eat?


By: Krystle Crossman

The FDA may have some explaining to do. Reports have come out that it has allowed antibiotics to be used in animals that are used for food for humans and these antibiotics have negative repercussions when eaten. An environmental advocacy group has put out the report saying that the FDA has allowed dozens of antibiotics that are found in animal feed to remain on the market. These antibiotics expose humans to higher risks of getting antibiotic-resistant infections.

The FDA had reviewed 30 different antibiotics. Of these, 12 didn’t have enough real information or evidence to support any negative claims. However 18 of them were found to pose a high risk to humans and yet the FDA has not taken any action at all to have them removed from the market even though they know that they pose a threat.

The NRDC did a probe into these antibiotics and found that 26 of the 30 were not safe according to the standards that had been laid out by the FDA in the 70s. They found evidence that 9 of them were still on the market. They also found out that the only thing that the FDA has done with these antibiotics since the 50s is ask for safety information from the drug companies but there has been no follow up after that.

According to the CDC over 23,000 people die every year from antibiotic-resistant infections. The FDA says that antibiotics are a complex issue and there are many different things that can cause these infections. There is a voluntary program that was started for companies to stop labeling their antibiotics as safe for animals or humans in non-therapeutic situations. The FDA estimates that within a few years all of the companies will be on board and that once they have all done so it will be illegal to use these antibiotics for anything other than medicine.



  1. I have never figured out why all of sudden we need antibiotics in our meats! Having been raised on a very big farm with cows, pigs, chickens, and a large garden my grandparents never used antibiotics nor any of the other farmers and we had no problems. So, why now?

  2. Dianne Wallace on

    Everything has become all about politics!!!!! Money and power rules everything. I am going back to growing my own food and raising my own livestock!!!!!

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