Why Do Black Women Have So Many More Mental Health Issues?


By: Krystle Crossman

Black women are becoming more empowered every day. They have found great success for themselves by running their own businesses and having wonderful families. Unfortunately they are also still finding that they have more mental health issues that anyone else. Why is this? The theory is that black women have a higher rate of mental health issues because of depression due to injustices that they suffer that others don’t. These include cultural alienation, racism, s*xual exploitation, and violence.

One of the biggest problems that these women who suffer from depression, anxiety, or other mental disorders, do not seek treatment. They tend to make their disorders out to be much less than what they really are. They think that they are just a little sad or a little stressed. If they do feel that they need some help they will turn to someone for support instead of seeking professional help. Mental health professionals have not made things easy for black women as they frequently misdiagnose disorders or miss them completely. Many women feel that they cannot get the adequate help that they need.

There are some great ways that you can help yourself if you feel that you are suffering from a mental illness although if symptoms are severe a professional diagnosis may be indicated. Here are some ways to improve mental health:

1. Have a healthy identity. Know who you are and what you are about.

2. Self-confidence is essential for a healthy mind. Look at all of the positive things that you have done in life and strive to continue to do positive things.

3. Be optimistic. Thinking negatively all day will get you nowhere and could make mental health symptoms much worse.

4. Use the social contacts that you have as support. It is always nice to have someone to lean on and talk to.

5. Recognize the symptoms of something more severe and seek professional help if your life is too disrupted.



  1. Diana Martin on

    I really believe our focus has gotten very misguided we are chasing success and that is not what makes happiness. Plain and simple. We need to get back to basics.

    • I don’t think that seeking success is what is causing the emotional distress among sisters. Black women are overworked. They are the most disenfranchised group in this country. Their health is worse that of white females. The sisters are financially behind other groups. They are expected to dutifully stand behind their man. Eddie Long’s wife is still with him. The black church has a patriarchal, hiararchal structure. The woman often is further victimized by the church.

      • Eddie Longs wife is sick, bottom line and it totally shows in her appearance spiritually and naturally, and totally not a good picture for our black women to see… take all of that and put Wanita By um into the equasion too.. its really sad how our black women are stuck when the answer to freedom from any abuse is so simple and in their face. You are right Cambie… the religious church is our greatest downfall but folks get angry when you speak the truth some many must float the life of that stream…

        • Hi Redbone–I really love your spirit and outlook on life. I totally agree with you on so many aspects when it comes to the burdens that us black women have to bear in this society.

          • @jani…

            Good morning Jani, and thank you so much, I love you my sister and God bless you from the top of your head to the soles of your feet, may the ground you walk on also be blessed…wink!!!

            My strongest request is for all of us to:

            SEEK SEEK SEEK a “PROFOUND RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR CREATOR /GOD… He really really does love (ALL) of us and he’s waiting on all of you beause “WE HAVE WORK TO DO”…wink!
            Stop fighting against the inevitable because He’s not going to go away. “The Black-Woman” belongs to God…
            Take a deep “BREATH”, stop and think, then (FORGIVE) your sisters because we need each other, it is the way God “DESIGNED THE BLACKWOMAN”…
            God said: We are all “FITLY JOINED TOGETHER AS ONE”, so if one finger is hurting “THE WHOLE (BODY) HURTS”…WINK!

            Love one another unconditionally…

            Lift up each other…

            Stop turning our backs on (ALL) SINGLE MOTHERS, because none of us have all the true facts behind their own personal experiences because we have all been taught “NOT TO TELL”.. SO (NOW WE ARE SICK).

            Every negative is not always a negative…

            God’s ways are not our ways / God’s thoughts are not our thoughts…


            Stop “JUDGING” your sisters too harshly until each and everyone of you have heard from God personally about their particular situation…

            We don’t have all the “ANSWERS”, but our creator does and he’s never short.

            Many of us are “CHOSEN” to walk down certain avenues in life because it “IS OUR CALL BY GOD”, this is one of the main reasons why “GOD SAID (DO NOT JUDGE)”, it is his “LAW” He has set inplace for a reason. Only judge the sin and the demon that comes with it by: REBUKING IT IN THE NAME OF JESUS, then leave it alone because God has heard your cry.

            Love you my sisters / Redbone

      • I don’t give money to preachers. I give for the pets I have anger issues and get depressed alot. I think not having a father in my life is part of the reason I’m so hateful. I think black women are so quick to say they dont need a man or pick a bum and the kids suffer

        • Your not hateful, your just hurt and you lash-out due to your pain because rejection is painful.

          Toya I had a husband in the home with 2 daughters… even though he was their father he never put quality time into the youngest daughter so she has rejection issues and sometimes deals with stages of depression… she prays and journals a lot. She’s 29 yrs old, but she’s growing healing and getting stronger everyday. That’s why I stated its a “Process”… Be patient and gentle with yourself. None of us are perfect and there’s nothing wrong with investing money into your pets. Animals are healing because they love you back unconditionally and they feel your pain…

          • LindaCompton on

            I am a Personal Life Consultant working with women and sometimes men, couples and families to support them in having clarity, balance and well being. This is what I do for a living and it is my “life’s work”. I also do and teach whatis called Energy Pyschology Technigues that can support people in releasing cravings, pain, fears, phobias,negative emotions that lead to negative actions. And, yes, I charge for my work. I am willing to work with clients, however, you have to pay! And, there are times when I work and dont charge. I just finished a nine week class with women on drugs and alcohol and did not charge them. I would like to see Black women value ourselves to the point that we think and believe we are “worth” paying someone to support us. We pay for hair, shoes, clothes and everything else we want. So, what would keep us from valuing ourselves enough that paying someone to help you with your self esteem and teaching you concepts and techniq

          • LindaCompton on

            Sorry, I click the wrong key and went off. At any rate, if I can support any of you for any reason, I am willing to support you.

          • No reason to be sorry… its just part of the reason we as black women are where we are at today with each other. No matter how high we rise we don’t realize there’s a time and place and season for everything…

            I am a very very gifted jewelry designer… I should be paid very well for my work. I “GIVE” off the yen-yang with a happy heart because I realize that even though I am endowed with the gift to design one of a kind unique items my gift still belongs to “GOD” for the purpose of his kingdom.
            I work with precious stones and metals that have “HEALING” properties. So its not about our sisters going out to make monitary purchases… its about a immediate need right now. Some of ours sisters can’t see the need because their emotional torment is so great that they find escape in the department stores because it makes them feel good… it makes them feel special, but when they wakeup the next morning that horrid emotional demon is still there, so all they’ve done is self-medicate at the department store.

            Have you and I been blessed to be teachers or what. I give freely to a certain point trusting God for all the rest… The point is I leave myself open to reciprocity for the need of the people even though some may not deserve. One to plant and one to water…

            Ms. Compton I’m not trying to put you on the spot.

          • LindaCompton on

            No, I don’t feel on the spot. I know what I give and I give much! I know that my money comes to me from known and unknown sources and all the sources are given to me by God. God has given me the gifts I have and I am grateful. I feel like I was “assigned” by God to do this work. I used to be a Diversity Trainer, traveling in every state in the union doing workshops in racism, sexism and homophobia. I used to be in Marketing. Then I was introduced to this work and I love it. I teach people how to find what they love so they can earn money for what they love.
            Money is important, although it is only energy like everything else. We need it to exchange for a chicken leg in the stores. So I am not on the spot! I know when I need to negotiage and when not to! I am willing to support anyone who calls or writes me!! We can work it out!!

          • LindaCompton on

            Thank you! We can all start by remembering just how blessed we are and be grateful. On all my emails, I say: “Life Is Good On This Day, Regardless of the Circumstances, and there are many”!!

          • MS COMPTON…

            I do understand. I have an aunt who runs 3 practises in the “Bay Area”. We run neck and neck, the only difference is she has an Lic. and I have training through the “walk of life”, my personal relationship with God, and a womens healing ministry.
            Several friends have been trying to get me to get my Lic or become a “LIFE COACH”. My plate is full and where God has shown me I’m heading at this time, I need all the rest I can muster.

            We are all strong black-women heading in the same direction. *(That Is The Vision)..
            Warriors We All Are / Redbone

          • LindaCompton on

            All of us have a role and it is important that we do the role with all we have. Yes, it can and is difficult sometimes and it is difficult!! We continue to move on and we are never alone!thank you for hanging in there with and for us!!

          • LindaCompton
            Many of our sisters are nothing but “WALKING EMOTIONAL CRIPPLED SPIRITS”, can’t see farther then the noses on our face, just to even understand they have a serious “IDENTITY PROBLEM”…
            When I share my-self / my-life with other women, I share and minister according to what I’ve had to walk through my-self. I am by no means perfect, but I am an overcomer… and I thank my “CREATOR” for every “ENGINEERED CIRCUMSTANCES” in my life “HE/GOD” created and designed for me to walk through just so I could meet the needs of His people at this time… even though right now I’m battling with closing down shop online.

            When one (PERSON / SOUL) connect with me through these blog forums and say: Thank you so much Redbone… I needed to hear this… / You helped me today, or Do Not Unsubscribe (bless you Cambie), it helps me to go a lot farther and last a little longer, because Ms Compton: Redbone could sooo easily be doing other things then taking the time to read through some of these articles and allowing God to minister to my spirit as to what he would have me to say rather it is recieved or not.
            I am also an “ARMOR BARRIER”, new territory for me, and I work with mentally challenged people, and I also have some medical disabilities that I live with everyday of my life… I just roll with the punches… I fear no death because I’ve had some close calls… and I don’t waste my time play pitty-patty with Redbone, I just keep it moving and let God do all the rest…

          • LindaCompton on

            Your last sentence is what is important. Do what you can and let God do he rest. That is my life as well! We are so out of it because we sometimes think we can do it all or want to have control of the situation, which only creates more situation! Each of us is responsible for our life and what we have created.
            things have happened that none of us asked for: Abuse, molestation, rape, bullying, etc. and after things have happened, at some point we have to get help. Some of us have had a rough past and the future is not promised to us. We simply need to create dreams desires and do whatever we can to make them manifest! I, you, Redbone and all the others on this list are Black women examples of all the other Black women. We are different! We can and will develope into incredible women!
            Be well and stay loved. Say everyday: I am love, I am loving and I am loved!!

      • Just as many of you have pointed out black women have endured so much and stood by so many of our men.Perhaps our biggest sin is thinking we can save everyone.You must first save yourself.It seems that we are mistreated all around the world.We look for the black man to protect us….and demand that others respect us….we must teach our young men to honor all black women..no matter what. Set the example by having healthy relations with other sistas…they should not see you fightin cussin and belittling another sister.

  2. Total deliverance can only come threw a “PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP” with God which can (NEVER) be found in a religious church setting, especially in our black community. God’s true deliverance is a “PROCESS” that doesn’t come over-night and won’t come threw a secular therapist because it is supernatural and its attainable only through the eyes of the believer… it takes faith of a mustard-seed, patience, unconditional love, and forgiveness that does not exist in our black community…

    In Unity God Commands The Blessings..

    IT IS THE “LAW” OF THE SPIRIT OF GOD, the church doesn’t even enter in.

    • I disagree. Emotional healing can most definitely come through the hands of a caring secular therapist. There are many many people who waste their precious time subjecting themselves to the counsel provided by say a minister. I believe that many if not most pastors are woefully ill prepared to counsel couples where abuse of any kind is an issue. If one party is abusing the other, why would you counsel the couple as a unit. Our people suffer for a lack of knowledge. This is not a marital issue it is an issue with the character of an individual. Counseling both parties together can be dangerous . I witnessed this often as a church member. The counseling never worked. If you are in an abusive or difficult relationship please read Why Does He Do That ? by Lundy Bancroft. This book will help you to understand the nature of abusive men and how they think. I think that the church thinks that some things will go away if we never talk about them. Look at HIV in the black community. No one talks about it.

      • @Cambie…
        I also “STRONGLY DISAGREE” with recieving therapy or counseling through any church… The 4-wall church institutions are the black-womens biggest down-fall, many get angry and can’t handle that truth. I’ve been involved in therapy groups and one on one counseling… all women of many nationalities, but believers of the faith. I also work with women myself. The church is not even the last place on my list I would send anyone for counseling nor therapy especially a blackwomen under a blackman who has no spiritual connection with God and sits in a pulpit, I don’t care who he is. It is very dangerous to recieve therapy or counseling from someone just because they have a LIC… and the drugs they prescribe are even worse because they drive you crazy. When some people speak of being believers of the faith the first notion that always hits the brain is “THE CHURCH”.
        Cambie I speak from experience, but I cannot go into deep waters on this post. I have female family members and friends who are mentally ill behind abuse from blackmen etc… Some are mentally-ill from watching others being abused… there are many factors to deal with.
        Secular therapy does not deal with the african american issues the way they need to be addressed… how could they when they don’t even walk in our shoes and many are undercover racist and administer sterotype behavior.
        Blackwomen need to poor out the trash… but it must be in the right setting. You would be surprised the issues blackwomen carry around on their shoulders every waking moment of the day.. sometimes it makes me want to cry its so sad. Many of them walk in so much “FEAR” just dealing with their own personal-makeup. I was privledge to attend “BLESS THE MIC” and hear the author of (PRECIOUS) speak… just the words alone that women shared is horrific amongest other things I saw and observed, the room was tight…
        I will say this:(I rather enjoy group therapy setting and counseling period), you really do learn a lot, but if its the wrong setting it has absolutely no value and nothing becomes of it.

      • cambie….
        Thanks for the book info. I wish I could say a lot of things but African Americans are biggest abusers of self and I deal with too many people on certain levels who know Redbone.

  3. I think it may very well be because many in the Black community refuse to believe in counseling or seek to improve their mental health.

    I once suggested counseling to a female and was immediately person screamed at in response; “I BELIEVE IN THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. I pray to him for answers.”

    So, no although I am often sad, angry and isolated I’ll just pray.

    Another, told me “So and so just needs to get her a job” Well, it may be she needs one but if she is so often immobilized with depression how will she be able to keep a job?

    There is a lot of stigma and ignorance associated with mental health in the Black community. Too often unless the behavior is extreme, and the person has to be hospitalized, the thought is to pray or just ignore it away.

    • @Anike…
      You just keep praying because I’m a witness that God does hear the hearts of his women, believe that at all times because that’s what its going to take to get through it. Whatever you do don’t give up and may God send you someone to lead you to the right place where every women is speaking the same language you do, so that you may poor-out and not be victimized after its all said and done.

      IN THE NAME OF JESUS and I love you my sister… “IT IS DONE”, just recieve it and keep moving.

  4. Oh, let me answer that. black females have mental illnesses because first of all, most of them come from neighborhoods that are “less than”. I believe you are a product of your environment. If you live around negative all the time it is bound to affect you mentally. Also black females have their own way of doing things – BACKWARDS!! Plus, most of them do not have the motivation or the ability to change their environment. Lack of motivation, education and poverty = MENTAL ILLNESS. It will continue to worsen because they don’t even have sense enough to seek help.

    • @Anastasia…
      Tell me this? Why do you really sound like a blackwomen trying to perpetrate yourself off as being a white women or maybe a man, even possibly a blackman?

      You really don’t know who your messing with because your heart is not pure, but I will come visit your azz wherever you are because nothing and nobody is hidden from Redbone in the spirit… Back the fk-off before I send “Michael & Gabriel” after your azz… Now KEEP TRYING ME!!!

    • @Anastasia…

      Let me set the record straight for you because your donkey-azz is in “FULL DENIAL”… White women suffer just as much abuse as blackwomen do, maybe even more and more indepth… I know this for a fact because I live in a horrible state called: ARKANSAS for 3 1/2 yrs too [email protected] long.

      Back-woods white women are literally “PO” and to the [email protected] “CURB”, live nasty filthy lifestyles… their men create “CRYSTAL METH”, and those filthy slim-balls live in white trailer-trash neighborhoods… they don’t even takecare of their babies / children… when they step into the Dr’s office accross the room you can literally smell their foul odors, and I know [email protected] well all of them have “CRAB-LICE” in their hair. They teeth is even brown or grey… their clothes are loaded full of “CAT HAIRS”, and I know [email protected] well that filthy azz bullshyt is in the foods they eat coming straight out of their kitchens because they are so [email protected] filthy they don’t even wash their filthy hands after playing with all your furr-ball animals…

      Now do you really want “REDBONE” to continue on with the story of your people?

      I simply can do…wink!!! I use to be a visiting nurse, everytime I came accross a filthy white family I never went back for a second visit…
      White-folks filth is way worse then AFRICAN AMERICANS… and this is some of what our blackmen have to contend with when they cross the line to hookup with nasty filthy tattoo-up bytches like you, yall don’t even look good with tattoo’s…

      So next time you go to any other “AFRICAN AMERICAN BLOG ROOM” to post your filthy comments just remember “REDBONES 911” on your evil-azz.

  5. Unfortunately many Black women have the weight of the world on their shoulders. Single family households, low wages compared to their counterparts of other nationalities and the list goes on and on. No one seems to care about the plight of Black women so it is imperative that the Black women stand up and take care of themselves.

    • @Fwalker…..

      Amen! and thank you so much for this post because truthfully nobody cares and right now at this moment I literally have tears in my eyes and my heart is weighing so heavy its just fkn too much… I am totally considering unsubscribing every and anything online dealing with our African American community.. its like a contagious disease dealing with our people. The article: Open letter of Apology to a blackman:The comments are just totally out of control… The deep hearts of the black woman has always been for the blackman but the mental verbal emotional and physical abuse has always been too overwhelming from the beginning to this very present day…

      • Hi redbone, I have to find the article that you are referring to. Do not unsubscribe . Your voice needs to be heard. Cambie

        • @Cambie I agree with this… ur posts touched me this morning, gave me insight. I appreciate you and Im sure many silent visitors to this comment board do as well @Redbone God bless you both.

  6. This article is a load of crap. Where are your statistics that show black women have more or less than any other group. And why are people so quick to believe this crap? Just because it’s on a website doesn’t mean it’s true.

    • Anger issues… that’s right just spew them out / take a load-off, its time…wink! Ladies we haven’t lost the battle, we are still in the “WAR” soldiers… God’s going to heal your hearts and teach you how to win his-way. Time to rest for a minute and take a breather…wink!


  7. I “REDBONE” am afraid of black-men…

    I “REDBONE” am afraid of black-men…

    I “REDBONE” am afraid of black-men…

    *if that’s what you call mentally-ill, then so be it, but this sister is going to ride this horse until its bridle falls off and God (MY CREATOR) tell me its okay not to be afraid of black-men.

    I “REDBONE” 100% love honor and respect a “TRUE GOD-MAN” who is a man after “GODS OWN HEART”… a black-man who “LOVES HONORS and RESPECTS HIS GOD”… because a true God-man who honors and respects his God will always “LOVE HONOR and RESPECT” the black-woman because he has the “EYES HEART and MIND of CHRIST”…

    A “TRUE GOD-MAN” walks in the spirit, knows and understands the plight of a black-womans struggles… he automatically knows and understands how to minister to her broken spirit.

    A “TRUE GOD-MAN” knows and understands how to minister to a black-women out of “LOVE” by the spirit of God.

    A “TRUE GOD-MAN” has a heart of gold that shines as bright as the morning-star and magnifies a “SAFE HEAVEN / PLACE OF REST” for the black-women, that’s when she knows she’s finally made it “HOME”…

    A “TRUE GOD-WOMAN” carries no baggage because her God has delivered her, and she has the patience of “JOB” to wait on her “GOD-MAN” to step forward because she knows he can only be delivered to her by her “GOD” in his set-time and season…

    A “TRUE GOD-MAN” owns the heart of all “GOD-WOMEN” because she has the “EYES OF GOD” to see his heart, and she will always “LOVE HONOR RESPECT and OBEY HIM” because she knows her God lives “INSIDE HIS SOUL”…


    I am a witness / REDBONE

  8. LindaCompton on

    Black women have not been taught to “love ourselves, our image, our skin colors and our history tells the story” We go from white to jet back skin and although, all of it is beautiful, who until recently is telling Black women how beautiful we are if we have black skin. We were the maids, baby sitters, constantly being raped by the “masters” and beat by the “masters and their wives”. We are still attempting to learn who we are and what value we are to ourselves and our families. I have had clients who don’t want to look in the mirror and see themselves. I have had a client who was shot down by my husband in a church parking lot. I have a friend who won’t make herself delicious, beautiful meals because she isn’t worth it. We have problems with worthiness, deserving and loving ourselves. This didn’t start yesterday. We were taught to not love ourselves, although we have had some women who attempted to teach us. Taking care of others, family members, our own children and other folks children and generally other people have come first for Black women. We are intelligent, beautiful, skillful, creative, social, emotional, and spiritual and as soon as we realize who we really are, our lives will be healthier in all the ways!

    • LindaCompton on

      I made an error in my post: I said “my husband”. The correction is “her husband”. I am sorry! and very sorry to my deceased husband! My mistake!!

  9. What a question to ask when you read the negative comments daily about black women on these websites. That’s not to mention all the garbage thrown in our faces every day. We are constantly being negatively portrayed. If you are intelligent, you are opinionated. If you keep quiet, you are too dumb to speak. If you make one mistake, the world will never let you forget it. If you live a morally upright lifestyle, you are uppity. We cannot win. It affects people on a mental basis and many women find themselves asking, What’s wrong with me?

    Life will get better for us when the world stops making everything that goes wrong our fault and our men in particular stop criticizing us for their failures.

    • Hi Tiamette…
      Just know that God hears your heart, he loves you, he cares and he is concerned… God has shown me many things, positive things to come to pass for his women and they shall come to pass… I will wait on the vision, it is unfolding everyday… just believe and brace yourself for the blessings to come. Sometimes God have to prep us for our blessing.

      I went on the interracial dating central last night and I saw nothing but blessings for black women… and I know its God. The rainbow is snatching up the blackwomen and marrying them off with the quickness, a beautiful thing to see… God is about humanity not “Militant & Black”… I’m on the westcoast, sisters are rolling. Everybody under the sun is not a racist… The rainbow that God created is not racist nor corrupt… Gods rainbows love unconditionally.

      Break free the “BANDS OF Slavery” in the name of Jesus and go free women of God… Spoken by the spirit of your God… I love you my sister… Peace Redbone

  10. Ladies I am not here to judge any of you… every black women has fallen short in some kind of way Amen…

    What I am here for is only to deposit into your spirit what God tells me to.

    God said: it was us who open ed our leggs to the blackman what our creator didn’t authorize us to do.

    God said many of us joined ourselves to men “HE / GOD” did not choose for us…

    God said he has been calling out to “HIS WOMEN” for a (long time)… but we would not answer his call…


  11. If you continue to be “Willful” God said you will continue to answer the call of your (Willfulness)… that’s not a good sign ladies!!! HEED! HEED! HEED! Says your God…

  12. LindaCompton on

    Ladies, we soon as we “let go” and “release” the negative thoughts about ourselves eventhough they were given to us, we can then raise our self esteem, treat ourselves better and do kind deeds to and for ourselves. No one will love us the way we can love ourselves. f I am feeling bad about myself, I ask God for help! Yes, I do!! And, I use what I have already learned to help myself, EFT, Emotional Freedom Technigue, Hypnotherapy, Counseling, Consultations with people whom I know care about me. As a Personal Life Consultant, I work with women, mostly to create clarity, balance and a sense of well being around issues we face! Get clear about who you are and what your purpose is on the planet, which may change from time to time. Create a balance with all that is going on in my life and create a sense of well being so you can have clarity! There are six components of life that we all need or have to involve ourselves in to have a good life, be you White, Black, Blue or Brown. Black women, you, I are incredible beings who are the Mothers of all. That does not mean that you don’t take care of yourself FIRST!! So you can SHARE your beautiful selves with others. I say “SHARE”, KEEP YOURSELF TO AND FOR YOURSELF! We can only share with others. Black Women, continue to move forward in ways you know you can now that you can! Be kind to yourself! Love yourself! Heal yourselves of any negativity you encounter!! I love being the Black woman I am and love all other women for who you are!!! I new friend once told me I was “full” of myself. I laughed and wrote back to him “I am so grateful for meeting a man as astute as you; who sees me for exactly what and who I am! Full of myself and God! That is the way I want to stay. Black women have been told things like that for the time we have been here. We are the scapegoat for others. This is a major concern. Call me if you need to: 510-233-6737. Realize the parts of yourself you love and tell yourself the reasons you do. then love the rest of you and tell yourself, I love and accept you daily!!! Love you more than a sweet mango on a warm Caribbean day!!!

    • Wink! You go sister!! Creative Gifted & Intuitive… I love it!
      Redbone… Sounds like you have a good place for sisters to come pour out at… but is it free? Because right now even though I do understand you have to live our sisters are in a state of emotional emergency! and money ain’t everything especially when God is calling out at this present moment… *Are your doors really open to our sisters? and sister I mean you (NO) disrespect.

      Work with us plezzz! Our God Is About Reciprocity…wink!!!

      Peace Redbone

  13. Trolls make having a reasonable discussion on the net difficult. You can argue as to what the statistics are but they speak loud and clear. We should be able to have a polite discourse. Personal attacks serve no purpose. The point of all of this is seek help if you are suffering and seek out those who elevate us.

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