Why Do Millennial Men Want Their Wives To Be Stay At Home Mothers?


By Victor Trammell

This past Friday (March 31st), the Council on Contemporary Families released a set of reports, which were based on studies on how a portion of the so-called “millennial generation” views the traditional family set-up.

The authors of one of these studies was Dr. David A. Cotter and Joanna R. Pepin. Dr. Cotter is a professor of sociology at Union College. Pepin is a sociologist at the University of Maryland. The title of Dr. Cotter and Pepin’s recently published  study is Trending Towards Traditionalism? Changes in Youths’ Gender Ideology. Dr. Cotter and Pepin conducted their research using a survey, which has assessed how high school seniors have valued the traditional family set-up for the last 40 years.

What the two sociologists have found is that young men in the 18-25-year-old age group predominantly desire a family setting where the woman is a stay-at-home mother with the man existing as the sole income earner in the household.

“Essentially, starting in the mid-1970s, youth’s attitudes became more egalitarian and plateaued at a high level of egalitarianism since the mid-1990s,” the study authors wrote.

Though the sociologists reported the trend of millennial men desiring the traditional family set-up, there weren’t any scientifically-proven reasons given for why this issue is a reality. However, the study theorized the following in its conclusion:

“Instead, the increase in agreement with the statement “the husband should make all the important decisions in the family” suggests that a significant minority of youths have reverted to an endorsement of male supremacy, at least within the family realm. So long as essentialist beliefs about innate differences in men and women persist, efforts to equalize women’s standing with men may remain stalled.” (ContemporaryFamilies.org)

Times have certainly changes since the traditional, egalitarian family arrangement reigned supreme in America. Dr. Cotter and Pepin used a survey that was used at the time when conventional family settings ruled the day. However, the liberal view that a two-parent household (of any income size or structural make-up) is not needed has largely overturned conventional thinking when it comes to family.

Source: https://contemporaryfamilies.org/2-pepin-cotter-traditionalism/




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