Why Do We Keep Believing These Myths About Female $exuality?


Flattered Woman SmilingBy: Isabella Carson

People will believe what they hear if they hear it enough from others. This is how myths turn into something that people believe is reality. There are myths about pretty much everything these days and one of the biggest topics is female s*xuality. Here are three of the most common myths:

1. Men are more visually stimulated than women – It is no secret that men like visuals. They can look at photos, videos, or even someone on the street and become easily aroused. Many feel that this is not the same for women but that is actually a myth. Women are just as visual as men are but they don’t always recognize that they are being turned on by the images they are looking at. Women often don’t speak about things like that either so it is easy to see where the confusion comes from.

2. Most women cannot have and [email protected] – Well, we know that is absolutely a myth. Almost every woman is fully capable of achieving [email protected], it is more of a matter of how they get to that point. During interc0urse alone it can be very hard for a woman to climax. However if the time is taken to properly stimulate the woman she should have no problem at all. The studies that have been done on this matter don’t factor in the fact that women do not often communicate with their partners what it is that they want and what will make them get to that point. This makes it seem like women are more physically incapable of climaxing as opposed to being communicative.

3. Women peak in their 30s – Studies have proven this myth to be incorrect as well. Women who are older are more likely to talk to their partners about s*x and have open discussions which leads to a happier ending. Younger women are still trying to figure themselves out and are trying to gain confidence in themselves. JAMA Internal Medicine recently put out a study that showed that women who were more positive about having s*x had better s*x lives no matter what their age is.


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