Why Do Women Have Orga$ms?


By: Krystle Crossman

Men and women are different in so many ways and the [email protected] each experience are included. Men tend to have a quick release and that is all for a period of time. Women however can have many all at once, one right after the other, or they have a little wait time in between. They have some similarities as well such as the way the muscles contract, the increase heart rate and breathing, and the release of oxytocin when all is said and done. It is easy to explain the functional purpose of the male [email protected] (procreation). The female [email protected] is a little trickier.

There has been research. There have been studies. And yet we still do not have a definitive answer regarding what the functional purpose of the female release is. Some speculate that it is a way to build intimacy between partners. Others believe that its purpose is to tire a woman out so that she does not move after which will allow all of the sp*rm to have a better chance of fertilizing an egg. It is also thought that the contractions were meant to help the sp*rm along on their way to fertilization. One philosopher, Elisabeth Lloyd, wrote a book stating that the female [email protected] had absolutely no purpose and is just a part of evolution, much like men’s n!pples.

Statistics show that only one in three women end up having an [email protected] during s*x. The frequencies are inconsistent. It is speculated that this is to show the male that they are a good match when the woman does get off. A survey showed that only one in ten women actually reported having consistent [email protected] while engaging in bedroom activities.

Humans are not the only ones to experience [email protected] either. There has been evidence found that shows that certain female primates also experience an [email protected] much like humans do. While they may not show signs externally their physiological responses conclude that this is what they are experiencing.




    interesting article..but all women reach a climax at some time..ok ? this is a natural occurrence..dont you all agree.?? 6/9/14…kwanza

    • This married woman reaches a climax every time. Otherwise, what’s the point? Other then to get pregnant, & let the man get the climax.

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