Why Doctors Should Tell Patients to Have $ex After Heart Attacks


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By: Krystle Crossman

Many heart specialists will shy away from the topic of s*x with their patients. New studies show that they should be talking about it as soon as possible with those who have suffered from heart attacks. These discussions should cover everything with the patient such as when it is okay to resume s*xual activity and also how to take it slow at first. It should also cover what position will be best for that particular patient as some positions are not recommended for certain types of conditions.

The statement that was released by the European Society of Cardiology and the American Heart Association is billed as the first scientific statement that deals with resuming s*x after a heart attack or a stroke. The statement was based on a review of medical literature.

Healthcare providers may wait to talk about s*x with their patients because they are afraid that it will embarrass them or make them uncomfortable. They will often wait until the patient brings it up themselves. They need to understand that s*xual health is extremely important to recovery.

Patients have fears that they may be afraid to bring up. They will have questions such as whether they will have another heart attack if they resume having s*x, whether they can use Viagra, if their defibrillator will go off during s*x and so on. This is why doctors and nurses need to take the lead on these discussions as the patients may not ask themselves and it is important information that they should know.

Some guidelines for heart patients and resuming s*x are:

– Make sure you can do at least moderate activity before you attempt s*x
– Some positions may not be good for you, check with your doctor
– Avoid as much stress as possible by being in a familiar and comfortable place


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