Why Eating Bacon Is Better Than Eating Salmon


By: Krystle Crossman

Fish is a very healthy food for you. It can give you plenty of protein and other nutrients that are great for your mind and body. However if you are eating farm-raised fish you are actually doing damage to your body instead of feeding it good food. Here are some reasons why farm-raised fish are dangerous:

1. Salmon that are raised on a farm have been found to have ten times the amount of pollutants that can cause cancer than fish that are caught out in the wild. The feed that they are given contains chicken feces and there is often transfer points at the farms for duck and pig waste.

2. Dioxin is found in salmon. It is something that has been known to cause cancer and other horrible diseases. However the amount in wild salmon is so small that there is little to no effect. The farm salmon however have eleven times the amount of dioxin in them.

3. Tilapia that is raised on a farm has been shown to cause inflammation in your body. If you already have an inflammatory disorder you should stay away from this type of fish. It is readily available and usually the choice of many because it is one of the cheaper types of fish.

4. Farm-raised fish are more prone to diseases than the fish in the wild so to compensate for that and keep them alive the farmers give them antibiotics. Those antibiotics are then transferred to your system when you eat the fish.

5. Dibutylin which is a chemical that is used to make PVC pipe is found in muscles. It is six times higher in the muscles that are raised on a farm. It can impair your immune system as well as cause inflammation.

6. There are fewer nutrients in farm-raised fish so they end up not being as healthy as you may think they are. They have lower protein amounts and the omega-3s that are in farm-raised fish are pretty much useless to our bodies.



  1. Ms. Krystle Crossman,

    A more appropriate title for this short blog entry would have been: “Why Eating Wild Salmon is Better Than Eating Farm Raised Salmon”.

    The title to this blog entry uses the word “bacon” but there is no mention of bacon in the blog entry and there is no comparative analysis about the differences between eating pork (bacon) and eating wild salmon.

    I know that the pressures of creating a different blog entry each day can be a challenge but it would be nice if you put more effort into writing blog entries that have substance and that bear a reasonable correlation to the title instead of putting all of your effort into creating eye catching but misleading or deceptive titles.

    Thank you.

  2. Yuck. I cannot believe that the majority of the population still eat bacon. Fish and all live animals are also bad for you.

  3. Eating bacon was considered a grave sin by the ancient Christians, until Christianity was edited and re-edited by pagans and pig farmers.

    • Legend has it that a certain breed of white mancwas created by a bkack scientist….not albinos…..and they were sent to the caucus mountains and it was so dirty and filthy in tge caves that the PIG was created and sent to the caves to eat all the mess they made including fecees.

    • Exactly…. And it is still an abomination. The word of the Most High never changed. Man changed His word…. No pork on my fork… I won’t even waste my time reading this article.. The title alone is enough to make me shake my head.

  4. U people aee so naive. …Pigs are raised on a farm…so what are tge fedcand filled with? ??? Tge babeef and pork bacon industry us loosing major profits Turkey bacon and other healthy food’s. . I believe I believe I believe thats all folks!

  5. U people aee so naive. …Pigs are raised on a farm…so what are tge fedcand filled with? ??? Tge babeef and pork bacon industry us loosing major profits Turkey bacon and other healthy food’s. . I believe I believe I believe thats all folks! Ps Google Lillie McCloud from last seasons X Factor or youtube…she needs ur support…the show didcher DIRTY..those Jews in HOLLYWEIRD greedy and spiteful…..time to end their blasphemis ways….but Simon Cow is my main man…..thanks for the opportunity bro!!!!

    • What the hell are you rambling about?!How can you speak of others when your misspelled posts don’t make any sense. Stop embarrassing yourself and go sit down somewhere. Read a book, then practice writing, knowledge is golden.

  6. Sheryl Smikle on

    This is critical information. Thank you. I am ashamed that the federal government allows this disregard for consumer health to continue in the name of profit. The Jungle by Upton Sinclair spawned the FDA; however, this agency has lost its teeth. The only way to combat this travesty is to pass these words on to others and collectively refuse to buy ‘farm raised’ fish products.

    P.S. The reference to ‘mussels’ was misspelled: muscles. Please consider the reader and proof your texts.

  7. Having been raised on a farm, pigs were fed slop, which was the days left overs, cabbage leaves, food from the table, cleaning out the fridge, now today they are probably fed the same thing as chickens and the rest of the barn yard group, antibiotics, as well as steroids. My family allowed the farms animals to graze and eat the grass, today you just might be eating all kinds of cancerous agents. I do know that the feed today is also made out of sick animals on the farm that are ground up. We have a company here in KY that does just that ground up dead and sick animals all day and turn it into feed for the large farms.

  8. Nikki from the Bronx .... on

    I absolutely agree with you Missy that the title of this article should have read “Why Eating Salmon is Unhealthy” instead of mentioning or lack thereof of the word “bacon.” Much appreciate the informative and well-informed article.

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