Why Every Mother Needs To Re-think Vaccinating Her Children


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Vaccinations for children are a sensitive topic for many parents. Some are ready and willing to get the shots the moment they can while others refuse because they believe that harm will come to their child. It is the parent’s choice to not vaccinate if they do not wish to, and while some may say that it is wrong to do so, they have their reasons. Here are 8 reasons why one father says that he is against vaccinating his children.

1. The risks of the side effects from the vaccinations are far more fearsome than the actual disease that you are vaccinating for. When we were little, we got the chicken pox, they went away and we never got them again. There was no vaccine and we came out just fine. All of the side effects that may potentially come with the vaccination are worse than what can happen if you don’t get it.

2. Vaccinations are not 100% effective, especially the flu vaccine. Why put the added stress and a virus into your child when it may not work anyway?

3. Can you really trust the pharmaceutical companies? They are out to make money and so are doctors. How can you believe that they really have your child’s best interest at heart and not their bottom line?

4. Should something terrible happen to your child because of a vaccine, there is nothing that you can legally do about it. You cannot sue the doctor, the nurses, or even the drug company itself.

5. We don’t yet know enough about microbes in the human body to really understand the effect that vaccines have on them.

6. There is not enough evidence to support the herd theory where you should vaccinate all to prevent sickness and protect the weaker members of the herd.

7. There are toxic ingredients that are found in the vaccines such as aluminum, mercury, and formaldehyde. Who wants those injected into their children?

8. Science has failed before and it won’t be the last time. We don’t yet know what the long-term effects of some of these shots could be. Your child is not a scientific guinea pig.



  1. He forgot: It is a fact: failure to vaccinate has caused death among those who refused to get immunized, as well as those they have infected. Ie small pox, measels, rubella. All preventable diseases.

    One other thing, Fact: having chicken pox as opposed to getting vaccinated can cause shingles in the later years.

    Last thing, I promise. Please get some quantifiable data to support your opinion. Trust me, those “profit yielding” drug companies do.

    It is true, there are harmful effects caused by vaccinations, more research and viable alternatives are needed. But right now vaccinating is the lesser of the 2 evils.

  2. We have to fear the right things. Polio is making a comeback in some parts of the world because the rates of immunization are down. Modern medicine has improved our lives. Why would anyone want to risk exposing their children to terrible illnesses because they are afraid of,”possible,” complications. We need to stop being out in left field and start using our critical thinking skills. This reminds me of some of the discussions that I have heard related to HIV/AIDS. It doesn’t matter where aids came from. The data suggest that blacks are effected at a higher incidence than whites. We have to learn what we need to do in order to protect ourselves. Knowledge is king.

  3. michael k. butler on

    this is a community disservice. Failure to vaccinate kills. None of these reasons is sound. All are untrue. Vaccines have eradicated or curtailed diseases that killed and injured children by the thousands.

  4. Whoever published this garbage falls in thensame class as those who concucted it. The “fear” expressed is, in most cases, unfounded. To simply brush off the benefits of vaccination as against the possible side effects is foolhardy. If you fail to immunize your children when they are young, both you and them will live to regret it and your children who failed to get protection will blame you as parents. Should black people fall for those conspiracy theories about vaccination? I caution all. I once was given a book by a white female pediatrician, can’t think of her name now, and most of the book is nothing but endless rantings with little scietific proof. Do not risk the future of you children. Preventable diseases need to plague. I am presently writing this from a third world developing country. The is a campaign going on now to immunize children against measles. Those who refusenthe exercise are the uninformed ones, but once they are told of the consequence of refusal, they immediately consent. Get this article off your web site before more gullible mothers are misled by it.

  5. I thank God my children are vaccine free (aside from my eldest daughter who was pretty much forced to get two in the hospital which basically treats the birthing industry like a factory so with my second I had a concrete birth plan & stuck to it & had my baby natural like how I wanted to in the 1st place but was induced listening to the brainwashed doc). Don’t be quick to follow the masses & believe what they say.. Believe all the man made stuff will cure & heal you is a disservice.. There is plenty evidence proving that vaccines do more harm than good & that they are fraudulent for the most part. There is some validity to few “modern” medicines.. And for the most part they maintain & not cure, and in a lot of cases kill! The masses are believing that we’re advancing when we’re not.. It’s because they are eliminating all the natural things that heal & cure & replacing it with man made crap for you to get sicker & them richer.

  6. This blog could be so much more useful. Let’s talk about how to protect ourselves from AIDS. Let’s talk about the need for obtaining a good education. This article serves no purpose.

  7. This article promotes black suspicion and fear wof the American medical system. In part because of this fear and suspicion we have worse outcomes medically than other groups. I say in part because poverty and the lack of access plays a role in black health disparities. Racism also plays a role. We need to be edu aged about our health. Black women have lower rates of cervical cancer than hispanics but our mortality rates are higher. There is now a vaccine against the HPV which causes most cases of cervical cancer. Black female children should receive this vaccine. Our women are the more likely to be effected by this virus. We die for the lack of knowledge. We must educate ourselves. Did you know that blacks are more likely to become disabled. Obesity is literally killing us. This site should Promote ineased awareness and empowerment not fear.

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