Why $ex Starved Marriages Don’t Have To End Up In Divorce or Cheating


By: Krystle Crossman

One in three married couples have a gap in the amount of s*xual desire that they experience. If you find that this is something that you are experiencing in your relationship don’t fret. You don’t have to sit back and let your marriage have a ho hum s*x life. Leaving this issue alone can lead to the end of your marriage if you are not careful according to research presented at the TED conference.

One of the biggest problems when there is a s*x drive gap is that the person that is not in the mood has all the power. If they say no there is pretty much no chance that s*x is going to happen at that time. The thought of trying to coerce a partner into having s*x when they have already said no can seem wrong. The partner saying no often times expects that the other person will be okay with the “no” and will sit back and not complain about it. So what is the other partner supposed to do when they are in the mood but they get the veto?

The partner with the low drive has one simple thing that they should do when they are not in the mood but their partner is. Have s*x. You may not initially be in the mood but once things start to get heated you most likely will find that things are starting to turn around for you.

There are four different stages of the s*x drive. They are:

– Desire
– Ar0usal
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– Rest

Often times the first two are reversed and a person needs to be ar0used before they can actually be put in the mood to have s*x. If that sounds like you try to get your partner to spark things up first before you make up your mind as to whether you really are in the mood or not.



  1. Tell the person that we are going to start exercising. Walk with the person.Were they always obese? There mus be more to the story than they are obese.Relationships go through phases and outside influences can do damage to them.Finances and monotony can be very damaging also.Really have a frank talk with that person.apparently they held appeal to you at some point and time.

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