Why Gabrielle Union Says She’s Getting a Prenup To Protect Herself When She Marries D-Wade


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Gabrielle Union opened up on the Arsenio Hall show recently about her plans for marrying Dwyane Wade. She mentioned in the interview that there was no way that she was walking down the aisle and saying “I do” without have a signed pre-nup first.

Union was asked about her exes that came before Wade. She said that most of them started out with jobs when she met them but then they felt that she was going to be able to pay for everything and so they quit their jobs. She shared that she had been married before and knows that she has made some mistakes in the past.

When it comes to protecting her stuff, Union is insistent that a pre-nup be drawn up before they get married. She says that you need to think about protecting your stuff and not worry about protecting other people’s stuff before your own. She also stated that she has never seen Wade balancing a checkbook so she is just trying to face reality.

When speaking about the wedding plans she said that this is going to be different from the first time around. The first time that Union got married, she was extremely busy with her career so she just wrote a bunch of checks and let the wedding planner deal with everything. The pastor didn’t get her name right and she didn’t even feel like she was part of her own wedding.

This time around the Being Mary Jane star is going to be more involved in the whole process. She does not want any bridesmaids or groomsmen because she says that it is just too much of a hassle trying to wrangle everyone on the big day. As for the guest list she is keeping it short and sweet. She says that there are a lot of people that think they are invited but that they are going to be sorely disappointed. Wade made sure that the guest list was small to keep the wedding as intimate as possible.



  1. Hopefully the marriage itself wont be as short as the wedding. She sure is putting this man on blast. We saw an interview not too long ago where she was kind of putting him on blast. We’ll see how it will go….:) That man has probably made 150 or 200 mil…It’s probably him demanding the prenup.lol she’s getting what a mil a movie or so? She’s talking $hit right now…that Mary Jane or whatever is doing well…we’ll see what’s up in 5 years. Wade will be retired surely but again…he’s made his.

    • Bernie, you’re my kind of thinker….LOL Funny, very funny……she probably couldn’t keep up with the mortgage payments at his main home with what she brings in…..

    • Yes, she has put him on blast and he should be running fast. Hasn’t he had enough of these ignorant women who don’t care about his feelings. He can do better!!!

  2. From Forbes. Dwade’s net worth is 130 million. Gabby’s is 16 million. Now who meds the pre-nup? Plus wade will get a nice cushy job in Miami’s front office when he quits playing. At least 500 grand a year plus travel expenses. Ok gabby…Hotep

  3. Say it isn’t so Gabby. Love makes us do foolish things. If you’re an intelligent, independent woman who has her own career and money. Why are you settling in the first place? You deserve respect and honor. Really Gabby even if he gave you what you wanted in monetary. It doesn’t give him a license to sleep around and make additional babies. A wise woman once told me he’s considered fair game if he’s not married. He’s shown you better than he can tell you. You’re the gambler he’s the winner. Know when to fold them. Do yourself a favor and listen to Alicia Myers song (Better Woman, Bigger Fool) seal the deal with Angela Winbush (You Had A Good Girl). Then walk away like a Queen. You deserve better. Don’t let the money hinder your growth. He made his choice. Be glad that you didn’t catch that new STD that kills within 3-4 days. Continue to stay blessed. GOD will send you your soul mate. My opinion he isn’t the one because love does not hurt, lie or cheat. Now if you’re willing to accept his terms than I stand corrected and wishes you nothing less than the best. The bottom line do you and keep GOD first because only he can deliver.

    • That last thing she needs to do is make decisions on governing her life based upon some Dumb A$$ Hip Hop song. That’s the problem with so many silly Black women listening to this silly garbage broadcast over the air waves

  4. It is so sad that in this European controled world we have to be so concerned about money first, but you are so right protect yourself no matter what my sister with your pretty self.

  5. Bridgett Miller on

    Personally, I feel she is prenupting because of how unfaithful he has been and that unfaithfulness brought on a new baby, which created another baby mother, who D Wade will have to take care of for the next 18 years. She is not wrong, but I also dont feel she truly trust him . Gabby just wants to be married. She is not gonna spend all that money on a wedding that she is doubtful about the outcome of the marriage itself…

  6. Well since Mr. Wade is in the fourth year of a $107,186 million dollar contract (An average of $17,864,333 per year) He should be the one worried about protecting his money…

  7. I wish both of them well but the truth is if they do get married it’ll be over in 5-7 years tops maybe even a lot sooner. Quite frankly I can’t think of any reason why either of them want or need to get married especially if they don’t plan on having any children. Get married for WHAT? In fact I’ll be the first to say they’ll never get married and why would she discuss they’re business openly on a talk show. That tells you right of the bat they’re headed for failure. It won’t last a hot minute if it last that long.

  8. Girl, you are funny! Really you should protect your 16 mil versus his 100 mil cuz when not if you get a divorce your 16 will be gone and he will still have at least 70 of his. We all know how this will end and you are gonna need the money. LOL

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