Why Having $ex with an Uncircumcised Man Can Put You at Risk


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Doctors give parents advice and statistics when they are trying to decide on whether to circumcise their newborn baby boy or not. There are some who are for the elective practice as they feel that it is a way for the boy to feel normal because “everyone” does it. In actuality only 58% of newborn males are circumcised. This number was much higher in the past few decades but the stigma of being uncut has parents nervous for their child’s future. The CDC is now putting out new recommendations that are for elective circumcisions and it doesn’t have anything to do with the male himself. It has to do with the safety of the women that he will sleep with later down the road.

When the f0reskin remains attached there are many different places for bacteria to hide if things are not washed appropriately. Along with the bacteria that can get trapped there are certain viruses that can become trapped too such as HPV, HIV, and herpes. Once they are trapped in the f0reskin and the male has s*x with a female, she can contract all of those viruses because she came in contact with It without even knowing it. The CDC states that since the number of circumcisions has gone down over the years the number of women who could become infected with an STD rises considerably.

Many of the parents that refuse to have this elective procedure done do so because they feel that it is a risk to their child’s health such having an infection grow in the surgical site. The complications of the procedure however are very minimal. Others may choose not to because of religious reasons. Those who do get the circumcision do it for a variety of reasons including the reduced risk of urinary tract infections. No matter what your decision for your child on this issue is it is good to be informed of all of the possible things that can happen with either side. This is why the CDC is continuing to do research and releasing new guidelines. They want parents to be as informed as possible before going ahead with the surgery or deciding not to do it.



  1. I have 2 sons. When they were born, both the OB/GYN who delivered them and my pediatrician (a man) specifically stated that circumcision was not necessary. We chose to circumcise them, but cleanliness of the male genitals is necessary regardless.

  2. Teach your sons proper p€n!$ hygiene. If they learn from young how to roll back the f0re$k!n and clean then there’s no problem. My two sons are not.

  3. These comments show a big part of the problem. People think that the word “penis” is somehow a dirty word. I cannot believe that adults were so juvenile as to replace the word penis with *s and symbols similar to letters, as though adults in a discussion of adult subject matter have to hide behind such silliness. You may have children; but you really need to grow up, yourselves. And when people are brought up in a sex negative environment (usually due to religion), they are unable to teach young boys proper genital hygiene. Ob/Gyns and Pediatricians need to properly instruct parents on how to properly instill proper genital hygiene in their kids. There is no medical reason for newborns to be circumcised. It is, firstly a 5,000 year old religious practice that was secondly adopted by crackpots in the late 19th century as a method of preventing masturbation. (Google Kellogg and masturbation and circumcision to get more details about how the Corn Flakes guy convinced a country to slice up the genitals of its baby boys.) The latest crackpot scare about protecting women’s health is also ridiculous. The percentages given (cut/uncut) were figures for the US. In Europe, for instance, outside of certain religious groups almost no one is circumcised and their women (and people in general) are far healthier than our people.

  4. I apologize to the earlier posters. It is clearly this website that will not allow adults to have adult conversations using the correct nomenclature for different parts of the human body. I had had concerns about the intellectual quality of this website that led me here; but now I know. So sad that a website supposedly geared to adult women infantilizes them by censoring perfectly appropriate words. Bye Felicia.

  5. I have two sons who are both circumcised. We opted for circumcision primarily for their and their prospective partners’ health sake.

  6. I’m sorry but it just doesn’t look right. That extra skin looks nasty. And it is a stated fact that later on down the road they may come in contact with someone who is not as clean as one may think and to have the unexpected just lurking around under loose skin is just disgusting. But again just my opinion no need to reply with hate messages again just my opinion and preference.

  7. I have been married to my husband for 46yrs. He is not circumcised & I don’t get infections. I am a nurse so I learnfed proper hygiene & taught it to him. God di not give males foreskin just to have it cut off. Teach everyone proper hygiene.

  8. The studies done in Africa (remember, that’s white people doing a surgical experiment on black men – TUSKEGEE anyone?) were basically rigged and it’s turned into a huge money grab.

    The reduction shown in the studies was from condoms and the cut men’s recovery time, and even then it was 1.3% – not 60%. The 60% stat was made up by a pro-FGM pedophile named Brian Morris.

    The majority of men with HIV are circumcised, and none of the studies looked at male-to-female transmission. It is shown that circumcision has no effect on HIV rates for gay men (you do NOT know that a male infant will be sleeping with women or with anyone at all).

    And it takes 195 circumcisions to prevent one UTI according to the Lancet (Harvard’s medical journal).

    The only way to prevent STDs is safe sex. This circumcision fraud is being promoted by pro-FGM pedophiles and is encouraging unsafe sex. Circumcision historically is a sexist, racist and superstitious practice intended to ruin masturbation (which it does by removing the lubricating properties and nerves in the foreskin). It is the historical source of FGM and many FGM survivors believe that wiping out FGM will requite ending circumcision as well.


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