Why It Is Much Harder For Black Women To Lose Weight


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

There are a lot of excuses that are thrown out for not losing weight. Someone has a thyroid issue, another has a bad metabolism, yet another has bad genes. New research is showing the ethnicity may be a new reason that you are not dropping those pounds like you wanted to.

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine have found that African-American women need to eat less calories and work out a lot more in order to lose the same amount of weight as white women. This is where the metabolism ties in. The researchers believe that African-American women have a slower natural metabolism than Caucasian women do. When on the same diet it was found that African-American women lost an average of 7 pounds less than white women did.

During the study, the researchers looked at a number of different physical factors including calorie intake, how energy was expended, weight changes in the body, and the amount of physical activity that the women got per day. They studied 39 extremely obese African-American women and 66 Caucasian women. All of the participants were in a weight loss program that lasted six months.

They found that even though the African-American women ate the same amount of calories and worked out just as much, they were still expending less energy during the day and had a lower resting metabolic rate. Both of these can contribute to fat build-up. One of the doctors on the research team stated that in order for the African-American women to keep up with the weight loss of the Caucasian women they needed to eat a lot less and workout a lot harder because their metabolism was slower.



  1. Its not harder , we as a people have a lot more baggage and we have poor leadership and lack the patience of being taught the correct way as oppose to what we are socialized to embrace based on FEAR and the rejection of KNOWLEDGE.

  2. in the research were the black woman in there natural state or were they all wearing there alien looks like they often do? there . until black woman stop being so fake everything will continue to go wrong, remember the hair never dies and if a woman puts on somebody else’s real hair unto there natural hair think about the gene interactions that is taking place on the head where the brain is, that’s a lot of soft tissue being invaded by foreign genes that are often not from another black person. Im JUST SAYING…….

  3. Please let me answer that. It is because black women do not feed themselves or their families healthy foods. They fill up on sugary cereals, kool aid, pork, fried EVERYTHING. Anything that is cheap, they fry it up and feed it to the entire family. Salads, fresh fruits, vegetables and EXERCISE is not in their vocabulary. The most exercise they get is done on their backs (or knees).

    Fresh air, sunshine, steamed or raw veggies, fresh fruit, exercise,lots of water, no stress beats hypertension and diabetes any day.

    Don’t shoot the messenger. I am a black woman. However, I live a completely different lifestyle than the basic black woman. I am healthy and stress free. No sugar, no pork, no fried foods, no sodas and I run 2 miles every day. I am an older woman, I am 5’10” and I weigh 120 lbs.

    No alcohol, no drugs, no sugar, no pork.

    No hypertension, No diabetes.

    • Corbin,

      You are a coward and an idiot. Your remarks are cruel, exaggerated, and stupid. Your “I am an older woman” simply means you are just old, probably a baby-boomer, suffering from loneliness and depression and pending senility.
      If you are a woman of color, well that’s just too bad for the rest of us. We don’t need another like you. Perhaps if someone were giving it to you well enough on your back or knees, you’d have less time to be negative.

  4. The actual study should be linked to this article. It seems unclear whether the study included “extremely obese” African and Caucasian women. I feel similar studies/research have been used to broadcast inacurrate information to minority communities and the world. The actual study should be referenced, so the public can assess the data.

  5. Oh my freakin god why is it when anyone has enough balls to stand up and tell the TRUTH about black women, touchy black women and azz kissing simp nuccas run in here calling them names and accusing of being cruel? Corbin is 100% correct. Theres a reason why 65 to 70% of black women are overeight/obese and its NOT because of gland problems or genetics its because they keep stuffing themselves with the garbage they call food and they dont exercise. You dont have to have a Ph.d to know that fast food is full of fat and salt and is basically garbage. Then come all the EXCUSES why black women are obese…they dont have time to cook for themselves or their families they dont have time to exercise they dont have time to clip coupons and/or take their time to shop for healthy food. They whine about not being able to afford healthy food.Funny they dont have the time to do ANY of these things to lose weight and get fit and healthy. But they have TIME AND MONEY to sit in th hair salon for hours getting braids twists relaxers and sew in or glue in weaves, getting manicures and pedicures and the mall in Lane Bryant Romans or Ashley Stewart buying size 14 to 28 clothes, AND they have time after shopping to stand on line and buy and scoff down big macs fried chicken french fries and extra large sodas and even worse they feed that garbage to their kids. They have time to hang out and party and do all the things they like to do but they dont have time to join a gym or start a walk club or just just get off their fat asses and walk bythemselve for half an hour a day. Got money to give to the white man for handbags and shoes but suggest they invest in a low cost exercise bike or treadmill all of a sudden theyre broke. ALL the problems in the black community can be solved including obesity if these women (and men) would stop making excuses and get up off their fat asses and put in the work to get healthy and fit. The five or six hours they spend in the salon getting their hair braided could be spent cooking healthy meals to last a week. Get a crock pot or two and make healthy meals like soups and low calorie stews and beans and legumes. Buy less meat and more fruit and veggies. Corbin was right and black people need to stop getting shook when people tell the truth. At the gym where I work out (Lucille Roberts its cheap and they have nice equipment and is accessible to all but guess who the majority of the women who work out there are…yep white women. Sometimes Im the only black woman there its rare to see more than three black women working out there at one time. Enough withe the excuses already we have an excuse for everything wrong with black people. I dont do excuses and I have ZERO tolerance for people who make excuses for ANHTHING wrong in their lives including being fat/obese. Wanna lose weight put in the work. Or stay fat and be quiet no one wants hear lame azz excuses from any fat/obese person, just say I like eat and i dont care about my health.

  6. It is because of their food and lifestyle,i av been there so i know exactly what am talking about.so much indiscipline on there side but this do not make the white women better in any way on the issue of women weight management.

    • I totally agree with what you said a 100%, I go to the gym on a regular basis and I am the only black woman there, but yet black women hate on other black women who have bad shapes, I am a vegetarian as well, I have a lot of jealousy in my church because of my body, I have hit the 40’s and girls younger than me instead of asking me what should I do to get in shape they hate me, and the rate of diabetes is starting in young black women because of their weight, I try to be at the gym at least 5 times and I incorporate 6 vitamins along with that and it has made a difference in my health and I work 2 jobs, but you said it right sister, you could not have said it better black women spend all that money getting that hair done and walking round with that stomach looking like a tire on their car and another thing they will spend all of that money taking care of a man and he just taking the money and he do not want them because of that fat, but that is what they do because most of them have low self-esteem because of the fat but will ot do anything about it and they stay mad all the time. Just face it all race is lost but myself and you got to make a difference for ourselves, Also this is why we have high rates of high blood pressure, sugar diabetes and cancer and among other issues that plagued the black race and the ment are obese as well.

  7. @ jeanette hearne – with your very busy lifestyle if you can put in the work to stay fit so can every wlman. Big upping you for your commitment to staying healthy fit and trim. “No Excuses” black women prove we can accomplish anything and everything that is positive.

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