Why It May Be Okay For Women To Watch P0rn0 But Not Men


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

A new study from the University of Copenhagen and UCLA has shown that men have a more s*xist attitude towards women if they watch adult films. This is not true for women who watch dirty movies however.

With all of the s*xual imagery that is out there nowadays, it is hard to stay away from it. You see it in almost every new movie or television show. The study was conducted with 200 participants, both men and women, who resided in Denmark. They were asked about their p*rnography watching habits and also had their personalities studied. They found that the participants that were agreeable in nature were more often than not a less friendly group of people. They tended to be hostile and more self-interested than others.

During the study, they showed the men and women participants adult films and watched to see if their attitudes towards the opposite s*x changed. At the end women still had the same ideas and views about men as a gender, but men were different. Those who had watched more p*rn in the past were found to be very hostile and had misogynistic attitudes towards women. They viewed women at a lower standard than those who did not watch a lot of adults films.

They found that the men who had the agreeability personality trait were even more influenced by watching these movies. They were quicker to change their mindset and how they felt. They were even more s*xist towards women than the others were and they also viewed women in a more stereotypical way.

In these adult films, women are often not portrayed as “nice girls”. They are not sweet and demure but actually behave more aggresively. It is no wonder that men develop this type of attitude when they watch adult films regularly.


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