Why Kenya Moore Is Keeping Her Man Very Secret


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By: Krystle Crossman

One of the biggest drawbacks to being on a reality television show is that your entire life is made public. There is never privacy or discretion. Every move that you make and every person that you date are seen by the world. This also means that every mistake that you make is out in public as well. Kenya Moore who appears on Real Housewives of Atlanta has learned this and is now taking a new stand on what information she does and does not release.

Moore had a very public break-up with her boyfriend Walter Jackson in season five of the show. Jackson later said that it was all made up just for television but it was still out there in the open. After that Moore had said something about having a Bentley bought for her by an “African Prince”. This of course sparked controversy because people wanted to know who it was that was buying her these fancy cars. Finally the last man in her life was in a photo with her on Instagram but she kept his identity a secret. People again were in an uproar because she wasn’t spilling the beans on who she was with. No matter what she posted it was always met with criticism.

Now Moore has said that she is not going to reveal anything about the men that she dates because of all of the backlash that she gets. She stated that she would rather have people think that she was single. When you are in the public eye and trying to have a relationship the criticism and constant interruptions can break the relationship down. This is one of the many reasons that Moore is not going to speak about her relationships anymore.



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