Why Kim Kardashian Has Bald Patches All Over Her Head After Having a Baby


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Kim Kardashian has done a great job getting her pre-baby body back shortly after having baby North West. A recent photo of her has shown that the weight wasn’t the only thing on her body that she lost as several bald patches on her head were out in the open when she had her hair up in a ponytail. It appears that she is relying on extensions in her hair to cover up these bald patches (and who can blame her).

Celebrity hair stylist Tatiana Karelina tells RadarOnline.com that the hormones that rush through your body after you have a baby plus the quick weight loss that Kim experienced are likely to blame for her thinning locks. Many women find that their hair falls out after having a baby as their hormones are very unbalanced. But combining that with extreme weight loss can accelerated the hair loss, leaving bald patches all over.

You can clearly see that Kim has a weave sewn in to her natural hair so that she can cover the thinning up, but Karelina says that it’s not the best idea to do that when you are experiencing hair loss. When you have a weave sewn in it pulls at the hair and scalp which causes even more of your natural hair to fall out. This is what is known at tension alopecia. It can also cause migraines due to the pressure that the weave is putting on the scalp.

Karenlina said that she would recommend that Kim take the weave out immediately and try something that is a little less damaging. There are extensions that can clip right in so they do not pull on the scalp and do not cause even more hair loss.



  1. I only opened this story to ask that Your Black World cease including stories about someone who is famous for nothing and should be allowed to fade into obscurity a la Paris Hilton.

  2. Who gives a Rat As–s. It shouldn’t surprise anyone because with all the surgeries she has had in her life. Her body is bound to react as she gets older. Kim tries hard to stay this glamour girl but she never knew that TRUE BEAUTY comes from within and she really didn’t need to do anything but just be herself.

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