Why Leslie Jones is Keeping Her New Boyfriend’s Identity a Secret


By: Krystle Crossman

Leslie Jones broke the news on the Conan O’Brien show that she is “kind of” seeing someone. Unfortunately for the tabloids and celebrity chasers everywhere, his identity is not going to be revealed anytime soon. Jones says that she doesn’t want people bothering her new beau all the time. She is happy with what she has at the moment and just wants it to be normal instead of having the paparazzi all over the both of them.

Jones has stated in the past that it is hard to be in Hollywood and find a meaningful relationship. This is especially true for powerful women like her. She says that men are often intimidated by her because she is a boss and she knows it. She felt like she was too old to go out and mingle at the clubs to find a relationship. Often when you are in the movies or on television you need to find someone in the same industry. They will understand why you are so busy all of the time, why you have the press following your every move, and why nothing in your life is private anymore. It is rare to find someone who truly understands this and is not in the entertainment industry.

In 2014, Jones became a writer for Saturday Night Live. She was brought into Lorne Michaels’ office one day and was told that they were going to make her a cast member. It took her completely by surprise. She took the world by storm with her sharp wit and outstanding comedic timing. Since then she has gone on to star in blockbuster hits such as the remake of Ghostbusters alongside her SNL castmates Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig. Even with big-name shows and movies under her belt, Jones still finds time to perform at The Comedy Cellar in New York City. She refers to this place as her home and enjoys going back there regularly.

While we may not know the identity of her new boyfriend anytime soon, we do know that she is happy. She says that she looks for a sense of humor in a man, that is a must. Other than that she is pretty open to many different types of personalities. Jones says that it is not hard to make her laugh and that she really likes goofy men.



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