Why Many Women Are Getting Pregnant Without Meaning To


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Crossing your fingers and hoping that you don’t get pregnant when you have s*x is not a form of birth control. Sadly, many women become pregnant because of this logic. They believe that they are not at risk for becoming pregnant and don’t take the proper precautions. Then they end up with a baby they didn’t plan on or do not want. Some have ab0rt!ons, some give the babies up for adoption, and some keep the baby and raise it as if they had planned on having the child all along.

A study was conducted on 49 women who had ab0rt!0ns due to an unexpected pregnancy. They found that most of the women believed that they were at a low risk of becoming pregnant so they didn’t bother taking the precautions that they should have. The most common among these beliefs were the belief that either they or their partner was sterile, they believed that they were completely safe using birth control even though they weren’t using it correctly, and they also believed that they were not vulnerable enough for a baby.

Why do so many women think that they are not going to get pregnant? Mary Jane Minkin M.D. says that she feels it is because there is so much talk about infertility and women not being able to conceive. Women start to get it in their heads that getting pregnant is not as easy as it actually is and so they tend to be less careful.

In reality half of all of the pregnancies in the U.S. are not planned pregnancies. A third of the women that were in the study thought that they were sterile or that their partner was sterile even though they had no medical confirmation of this. Unless you have been told by a doctor that there is no way that you can conceive a child, you should be protecting yourself every time and educating yourself on proper protection if you don’t wish to have a child at the moment.



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