Why Many Women Are Worn Out Even When Husbands Are Helpful


By: Krystle Crossman

In many households men and women share the same responsibilities when it comes to chores and childcare. However even when the man does equal work around the house the woman is still the one who is exhausted. Why is this? Is it really that the woman is doing more work than the man? No. In fact it is because the woman has more to think about than men generally do in a family home. Women are the ones who think about what groceries they need. They have to think about the gas that goes into their cars. They have to worry about whether there is oil in the tank and whether the bills of been paid. They have to keep an eye out for any changes that they may see in their children that could indicate there is a problem such as a sickness. All of these things added up to make for one exhausted woman!

Blogger Ellen Seidman wrote about how she is the one in the family who does all of the mental legwork when it comes to household duties. Even though men may be able to pick up a lot of the physical work such as dishes and laundry and such, it is still generally women who take care of everything else mentally. It is a large burden for many women because on top of working, taking care of the kids, and taking care the house, they also have to spend a majority of their time with their brain in a completely different space thinking about all the things that they need to run their family effectively. Over time this can wear a woman down and make her feel like she’s completely exhausted all of the time.

Women also tend to do more research when they are mothers because they have to figure out the best pediatrician to bring their children to. They need to learn all of their children’s eccentricities such as favorite foods, allergies, likes and dislikes. They need to make sure that everyone is happy and healthy. They need to research the best schools. They need to research the best homework methods so that they can help their children with their homework. At the end of the day mothers have put in a lot of mental legwork. Sociologist Susan Walker said that when mothers come home they do what is called a second shift which is all the mental preparation that they need for the night for taking care of their families. Men can certainly help out their partners by taking a look around in observing what needs to be done around the house hold. If they can make observations about things that are needed and get chores done before their partner realizes that it needs to be done they may be able to take some of that burden away. Helping out with the physical work is great but they also need to think the mental and emotional side of it too!



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