Why Men Leave Their Wives


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Marriages do not end quickly and for no reason. A divorce is a culmination of months of frustration, fighting, and lack of communication. Usually after a marriage is over however there is almost always one point in time that will stand out in your mind when you really could see how your partner was feeling and that the marriage was on its way out. Here are 11 different reasons that men say they left their marriages:

1. No more trust – One man described his adventures where he would take photos with timestamps of all of the signs that lead back to his house to prove that he was where he said he was. He got fed up after having to do this and left.

2. Self-centered – It was a cold and dark winter night and one man who had missed the train home from work had to take a very long bus ride and then walk several miles home in the snow and freezing wind. This was all because his wife didn’t want to leave her yoga class early.

3. Spoiled – During a rough time, a man told his wife that he couldn’t afford to buy her the $999 watch that she wanted. She locked herself in the bathroom and threw a tantrum. He didn’t react and she came out hours later asking if he wanted a divorce. Turns out, he did.

4. Math – A soldier came home after seven months of being deployed to find that his wife was five months pregnant.

5. Dreams – A man told his wife that he wanted to become a doctor. She scoffed at him and told him that he couldn’t just decide to be a doctor. They were divorced a short time later. He has already started med school.

6. No laughing matter – A man told his wife that he was extremely depressed and upset and she laughed it off. He knew that she didn’t really care.

7. Cheating – When a man realized that he didn’t care anymore if his wife cheated on him, he knew that the marriage was over.

8. Roommate zone – When he realized that his wife was going to bed at different times than him, showering without him, and avoiding him at home, he knew he was done. She was more like a roommate than a lover or wife.

9. No hobbies – A man and his wife were watching Knocked Up and during the scene where the guy is caught sneaking off to a baseball draft she stated how selfish he was. The man said that the woman in the movie was selfish to be squashing his hobbies and then realized that was what was happening in his own marriage.

10. Stepmother – A man watched his second wife’s relationship with his daughter get worse and worse. Despite counseling, there was nothing that could be done. He chose his daughter over his wife.

11. Children – The wife refused to raise children any other way than not vaccinating them and home-schooling them. He saw things differently but she refused to budge.



  1. Open your eyes before you get married, the signs you see after marriage are the same that was there before, but you choose to overlook them or thought the spouse would change over time.

    • Well said, well said. Totally agree these signals are present during the courting phase nevertheless some people are only “in love with the idea of marriage”, and not the commitment & work involved to make it survive. The last great generation that proved and lived by “until death due us part”, were those born during the Great Depression for they marriage’s last. Their ancestors born later don’t feel those word’s therefore their marriage haven’t stood the test of time.

  2. The truth is love should be forever but more often than not it isn’t. There maybe a myriad of reason why not one more valid than the other. Because “When love walks out the door pain walks in” & the only way to not get hurt by love is to never love at all

  3. What is the point of this article. All of the blame is placed on the woman. Statistics clearly state that women usually pull the plug. In the wake of the Ray Rice fiasco why not continue the dialogue about domestic abuse that is going on in this country.

  4. Blkwmn dont know shit about how to keep their man happy thats why what like 70% of blkwmn never been married. These young chicks dont wanna cook and clean they selfish wanna spend money on stupid sheit will fuck and suck off every dude they was chillin with but if they get a husband wont go all out and please in the bedroom either they not in the mood or too tired they talk all that im independent sheit well independence dont work in a marriage and in a marriage its about two ppl focusing on each other it aint all about you.

    • You need help. The men married these women and waited to after they were married to see the woman’s faults or whatever and then divorced them. Where in this article it says the man left because he wasn’t getting sex? You took this article and took it another way.

  5. Brother not sure if I completely agree with your observations, people are individuals with individual life experiences & social & moral centers, it would greatly depend on your “socioeconomic surroundings”. There are a lot of negative stereotypes Black Women can & do throw out about us “Black Men” that I also strongly disagree with

  6. @ Devon thanks for making this a race issue. Also you sound very angry. What’s going on with you? A little bitter? Yes. Please add something constuctive.

  7. Many of the reasons stated are not very good ones for a divorce.What can keep a man any man especially a black man happy all the time?The psyche of the black man has been so damaged that marriage to one can be very difficult.A wife is not a maid quiet as kept it seems most black males suffer confusion in that area.Further the sex act should not be something that one does not agree to or enjoy at the express purpose of pleasing the other.As far as choosing a child over your wife that is a tough choice and I can just bet that child played a great part in that relationship decline.I will say that I have not married and knew myself to the extent that it probably would not have worked out.I do feel in America that marriage is to easy to get into and out of.Most people come into marriage with too much baggage anyway.

    • Most American women, black and white, buy into the feminist B.S. too much. That’s part of the cause for the existing rift between men and women in this country. Too many women believe they’re men and capable of anything a man is capable of.

      Very unattractive.

      • Too often men try to control women. This is true of black men. We want complete control. Many of us think that we are to be catered to. This may be based on certain biblical interpretations . If I were a woman I would be very reluctant to cater to someone who expects it. This is the case. More black women are going to college than black men. Marriage is becoming increasingly unattractive to many sisters. Guys need to be able to pull their weight. We have bought into the overly erotic view of women promoted by the media.

        • Black Jelly Bean on

          You have some very revelant points on the issues of some men and control as well as college attendance….however are you taking into consideration that black men have a harder road to travel when it comes to evading the prison system and speaking towards the ability to secure gainful employment. Other racial demographics have to argue for equal pay for women…all but blacks because often the black woman makes more then the black male because of the social system in which we live. Yes some men do attempt to control the woman and that is not right but I see this more often when the man sees himself as the sole bread winner…but I do think that the signs are there during the dating phase and too often ignored, because the emphasis is being put on money and not on true value.

  8. @Thelma many could argue that “Black Women” are as damaged as “Black Men” if not more so “the fastest growing population of felons & murderers is Black Women”. But stereotypes & generalities don’t constitute proof in a very diverse Culture such as the African-American Culture. But as Black Men were use to playing the Role as the “Boogie Man”, when we are very well aware that Black Women more often than not create these “Boogie Men” then throw the blame on; black men, White men, society everyone but the person who raised him

  9. Who CARES if a man leaves! If a person wants to leave you-male or female LET THEM LEAVE! I am 50 years old anybody who wants to leave me or dismiss me can get the stepping because there are seven billion people in the world and I want to meet every last one of them. I do not have a problem making new friends, new boyfriends and new husbands.

  10. Great dialogue. It is evident that we have a tremendous amount of major issues to address. The numbers are daunting and not in our favor. What we need is solutions!
    Men and women are not trained the same way as their parents and grandparents. The lack of grace and sacrifice is clearly evident.

  11. …for sex and different sexual partners. When men only had access to the girl next door, they were happy (very happy) with her. Now, with all of the women and temptations that are forced upon them, they find it hard to respect and appreciate the women that are in their immediate lives. Women walk around half-naked and on TV they are completely naked (breasts, buttocks, thighs, and coochies are exposed). These days, men feel as if they can have any type, race, or gender they desire. Men travel all over the world seeking and lusting upon women just for sex and to use them as props. (Some women do the same, for example, who else would want Kim K. who’s famous for sleeping around with many men…Kanye will not be the last. She’s addicted to having men worship her body part.) Shame, shame, shame.

    • You change your environment you just do not have to us comb to it. There are a FEW good men who can and will love you. You cannot let a few or lit if bad apples spoil the bunch. You have to stick yo your guns. A man recognizes a good woman. I gave three Christian brothers they didn’t want a Christian woman. There are a lot if men who don’t want the good girl-good woman. You have to recognize them when you see them and RUN!

  12. It amazes me how upset African-American Men & Women get when others “stereotype” & throughout “preconceptions” about us but have absolutely no problem doing it to ourselves. We are individuals with individual life experiences & even though love should be forever its more often not. Rather a women or a man one has the right to fall in or out of love for whatever reason the choose. This preconception that “Black Men” try to control “Black Women” is matched with the preconception that black women are unable to share power in the family dynamic. If you’ve ever found yourself in an dysfunctional or abusive relationship look to work on yourself as much has judge or blame them because something in you brought you there

    • I am not trying to pull anyone down as much as point out a fact. There unfortunately exist a lot of animosity between black men and black women. Get on YouTube . Look at the statistics. The leading cause of violent death of black females is at the hand of a man whom she knows, not a stranger.
      I would like to understand the genesis of this. These negative issues must be dealt with or they will continue to hinder us. Obviously, all of us don’t harbor negative hostile attitudes towards our women but enough do to make this an important issue. Our actions are conceived in our hearts. Ray Rice did not get up and just hit that woman out of the blue. There was a thought process involved. His attitudes placed h on that path.

      • The problem with your assertions is that the fastest growing population of murders in the United States is African-American Women & the 2nd leading killers of Black Men & Women is Black Women. As a former Cook County Sheriff’s Deputy here in Chicago, I can tell you that most women aren’t even charged with a crime until after their 2nd or 3rd assault, stabbing or shooting & rarely show any remorse & most “women beaters” & murders statistically are raised by single women but someone else is to blame right

  13. There are many reason why men leave women is because you never know what to expect for day to day with the change of minds that goes on from day to day. When we think we are on the same level the plans change and most don’t like the stress that goes alone with it so we leave before violent become a way to settle things.

    • I don’t know what you are talking about my husband and I had stress in our relationship and marriage but we dealt with it and he didn’t leave neither did I. We were happily married until he passed away.

  14. Life is stressful and stress can chip away at a relationship. A sick or wayward child can place intense stress on a relationship. The pressure that results from being unemployed and broke can cause a relationship to crumble. It is difficult to accept life’s failures. I still believe that we need to have a frank discussion about domestic violence and it’s impact on the family. DV is a social ill that is no respector of race or social rank.

  15. They left out a few. How about the B#tch is constantly nagging and complaining about anything and everything like most Black women they are never satisfied. No matter what you do for them it’s never enough. And don’t let me leave out she’s allowed herself to become over weight or down right fat yeah that’s a good one to the point you can’t stand looking at her let alone f#cking her. She’s foolish and f#cks up the money wasting it on dumb sh#t like a majority of them do. And at the top of the list she’s evil all the f#cking time sitting around with their attitudes and lips poked out. I’m not married but if everytime I walked in the house the B#tch had her lips poked out I’d leave that B#tch in a heart beat. I can’t think of anything worse than living with a b#tch with a tude all the time. Time to get rid of that b#tch better yet if you’re smart don’t marry any of them that way you can roll when the sh#t goes bad without dealing with attorneys.

    • How about your momma is a B*tch! When you call any woman a B*tch you are talking about your momma. What about your momma getting fat and your dad not wanting to F*uck her! If your momma had not gotten fat and overweight carrying your trifling @ss for ten months she would still have her figure. You try on a life and death pregnancy because that is what it amounts to–something growing inside of you. I bet your weak @ss couldn’t stand a toothache, headache or backache without taking off of work and staying at home in the bed—less a pregnancy. This is the VERY reason you are NOT married because NO good or bad woman would want you! It is so very good your dad left your B*tch, fat, lip poke out, bad attitude, money spending momma and your grew up in a single parent home to become a gang banger, dope dealing, dope smoking, illiterate THUG!

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